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How foolish can you be to be ruled by jealousy
Could you throw away what was planned
My Little Cornelius Track #15 3:12
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee)
(John Lee Williamson)
Sonny Boy Williamson I - vocals & harmonica
Yank Rachell -
Little Brodie Williams plays with little Jimmy Lee
One comes from Horsham
One lives down by the sea
One'll go to uni
One'll stay on the land
The year is 2000. All the real motherfuckers left 

PMD  Def Squad & Hit Squad and the virus 

I'll tell you who I be (check it) 

and music by William J. & Gloria Gaither
in white 
At the foot of my bed, 

I said angel of mercy 
I'm alive or am I dead?
My name is William James McPhee, 
I was born in 1843.

The year is 2000. All the real motherfuckers left
PMD, def squad & hit squad and the virus
I'll tell you who I be (check it)

This is Erick
Um, yeah palms sweating guess it's time for the murder
My nigga my nerve, I swerve left you dead on the curb
Tell his family get them black clothes
Four by four, eight by eight
Twenty by twenty bars, I demonstrate

I'm on that Richard Pryor, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali
Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix,
explosions of nuclear bombs down in the Oakland
That's why all those crackheads are smokin'
It's remote-controlled emotions triggered by cops with laptops
or a tissue to a runny nose
And when we die, is the answer that God knows
Til then, tell the angel of death, he's no threat
Jesus wept, when Lazarus left, he
, taken by angels from me.
Alone with books (hey that's me!), harbinger of death visiting me.
I said, "Can I help you, evil prophet? If you got a problem,

[William Cooper]
I show both sides of the coin, we angels with dirty faces
Some say the love the wicked, more deadly than the hatred
a blow
But your trick ass fell in love with the ho
Tried to change her make her be an angel
You keep putting your damn life in danger
Fronting niggas about
La-la la-la la-la la-la, pretend to sharrrrrre..
Da, da-da, ain't nothin, by D-Twellllllve..

Weed no seeds, last year Cannabis Cup
you like it, Jeopardy.
(Uh) And though this really ain't a game show,
I can tell I'm winnin' by the way you say my name slow.
I'll be your angel
taking a risk, that might fuck up your life
Tell 'em point and shoot like camera crews
In front of cameras too (brrr)
Damn, Sean, what happened
I was born Jonathon Aaron Steel, to the parents of William and Elizabeth
steel. I am a Leo, born under the sign of the lion and I was raised in