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Pure Prairie League
I'm almost ready
To let you know just how bad I feel
I'm almost ready

To let you loose and find another heart to steal
on the blackened prairie far as the eye can see
The grim remains are there to show that God rules you and me
Just one he left to tell the tale just one was his
happened to the prairie fire
Can you tell me where the lightning went
Every time that you met my eye
Didn't notice when the wind picked up, I
Come listen to my tale 'bout a pretty little girl
That I chanced to meet on the prairie
T'was a night in June by the western moon
That I met my
and the only man for me
Now I wish I was a kissin' tree out on the lone prairie
And everytime my sweet pass by he'd steal a kiss from me
And if he wants more
The world unkind where they now lay and die
Wonder what it's like to die

So don't tell me a thing
The more I know the more
Uncertain I will be
I just wannabe
the sand,
By the red water's edge where we'd hold hands while the sun melted into the land.
We lost more than sleep on one hot August night.
By mornin' we
We were talking about how all the years go by,
People and places and the march of time,
Only memories can take us back there again

Like the day
shirt on a Saturday night
And a long cold beer that's pure delight
And if you heard me say it, there's a whole lot more

It's the way of life in
you mine
'cause I'd be wasting my time
You're outta my league, you're outta my league dear

Oh baby baby baby make me a deal
Just tell me tell me
modern-time Neros. 

Prevention is better than cure, 
Bad apples affecting the pure, 
You'll gather your senses I'm sure 
Then agree to, 

Melt the guns,
Let me go
Tell me love is not lost
Sell everything
Without love, day to day,
Insanity is king

I will pay
Day by day
Lock, bolt and key
the world is gone
She is truly in a different league
She's amazing
And she's into me

And every time I'm with her
All I want the world to know is that
niggaz I fuck wit (uh uh) 
Y'all niggaz minor league in my eyes for real 
Y'all niggaz want to pop shit? See me when ya get a record deal 
Y'all niggaz
By chance it was I met my love
It did me much surprise
Down by a shady myrtle grove
Just as the sun did rise.
The birds they sang right gloriously
down fi dem friends dispatch me
Some man a tell me how much them love fi match me

Mi friend a ask if I win, me win lottery
A di first him see gal
The road,
It's home,
At least for now, the rivers low

Wake me, please wake me,
It's cold and warm on the prairie freeway

All the time I
Doubtin' me I tell 'em just watch
Them diamonds yellow them beams are red
And them hands tucked, they don't show
Plus them shooters with me got the green
me go, tell me love is not lost.
Sell everything; without love day to day insanity's king.
I will pay day by day, anyway, lock, bolt and key.
the very first time
I'm closing my eyes

Tell me I dont give up
Tell me there's someone out there
Give me a pure love
Give me a forever that we can both
A nervous bug in my system, it keeps me edgy and ashamed
I've got a saint, never ever will forgive
That never understood me but still tells me how to live
Written and recorded by Hank Snow

Well howdy boys, howdy, man, man it sure seems like a long time
Since I last rode down this old trail.
Way to go
We'll live by the ocean
Way to go
You'll live there with me
Half an hour
Of pure devotion
Can really fuck
With a man's sanity

Thnak God and you who brought me here
An open man found just in time for the living years
So no more words I'm holding back that I should say
And I
Tell the world she's so out of place
Like pure white silk on a soiled floor
I need one kiss before she breaks
One last kiss, nothing more

Tore your