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When this is all said and done
We spent this life on the run
Judged by the company we keep

Our language, buried inside 
These lungs that keep us
carefully, and this key is yours 
For we can lead you far beyond that door

There are dangers hidden, trust in that language
And it is precisely this
The Scotch and the Irish leave you close to tears. 
There even are places where English completely

Disappears. In America, they haven't used it for years!
The Scotch and the Irish leave you close to tears. 
There even are places where English completely

Disappears. In America, they haven't used it for years!
are grim and they're only getting,
Only getting grimmer

As they barter their boulders and martyr their soldiers,
Teach a man to tear her fucking
I am becalmed in virtue
Lost to nothing on a bay of dreams
Warm weather and a holocaust
The tears of God flow as I bleed

Left to die by two
Desperanto spoken here,
Today I hear it everywhere,
It is the language of Despair
It's in your nails and It's in your hair
It's in your mouth
in every committee, city to city
Until both shoes are city
The regulator innovator dominator creator of data
Plus an imitator assassinator
Maintaining a pressing issue, although everything I have always known has been depressing. 
Since my thoughts are limited by language, 
And our speech has
you spend the night
Darling I don't want to wake up,
And you are not by my side
(So special girl, so special)
(So special girl, so special)
And if you
Planets are paralyzed, mountains are amazed
But they all glow brighter from the briliance of the blaze
With the speed of insanity, then he dies.
Am           D          G             Em
'Till the universe expodes as a falling star is raised
Am          D          G             Em
Planets are
My talk is not as cheap
And my thoughts are not as deep
As the day I woke up to discover I lost my sheet
head splitting tears, cement breaking
dimensional smiles and laughter 
Lies are hereafter where tears echo laughter 
You'd have to do math to divide a smile 

By a tear times fear equals mere
We speak the same language brother love, laughter and tears
Refugees trading death for a prison
While some base a set of opinions on race, sex
scratchin my brain
How can 10 hours feel like 10 years?
I cry 10 men's tears as it disappears
With the passionate atmosphere
Took your glove as a souvenir
skies and boats go by 
I don't why it happened so fast 
When I tried to speak your language I'm happy you laughed 
Cause I'm hardly a linguist 
ever see are these blinds
And I know the shower ain't mine, and this Bible sure ain't mine

[Chorus x4:]
(All up in that [?] suite)
(Tears all on my
the invisible things of God are seen through His creation, 
To believe this is not hair. If there's a design, there's a designer, 
If there's a plan, there's
I could blow you away, 
For how you hurt me
You lock yourself in a path, 
If you feel I don't translate 
Into your language at the time
I had dreams of rockin with my man B.I.G.
Talk about Brooklyn thugs the way they used to be
What kinda kicks are that? Why they snatchin off ya hat?
to obliterate

But death is the silence
in this language of violence
Death is the silence
But death is the silence
in this cycle of violence
death is
some man's life
For them

Women sort through the dead bodies like bags of laundry with exhausted mama eye
Sigh because they are too dry for tears
understand we got newer options
They flee their countries, protect their families, pursuing progress
They think in needs, we think of wants, the views are
you down
And when these words are found
Let it be known that God's penmanship has been signed
With a language called love
That's why my breath is felt