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didn't like taste in my mouth or yours 
And ignoring the persona you wore for my benefit 
For once I had balls, to call it, just call it
The lesson must
is ignored
Blaring on no one survives
Wrath is on everyone dies
Bone exposed 
Bone exposed
Bone exposed

Extinguish all life, this sin by my
My decree is my law and it's here to stay. Fuck the two-faced losers. 
Fuck all who go untried. Fuck the evil bastards who still
Stand by their
I stalk my prey at night
I have the look of death in my eye
I follow your every move
Waiting for you with my killing tools

Let me taste your
to burn

Whiskey and women and money to burn
A taste of the high life you'll never return
From Whiskey and women and money to burn

My mom told me
of rapping
They taste the fame and change likes it just automatic
Where’s the integrity, you on that other shit
You don’t even sound the same, I liked your
was so enticed
By niggas like slick money and ice
We figure prison it should come with the light
Along with losin' your life
And there were no way
to serve, another 120 days

You rise in the presence of our libertinage
Taste all the pleasures of sin
Your one desire controlled by perversion, Compelled
to the horizon

Wide eyed, new ground
Humbled by my new surroundings

I am a citizen of the planet
My president is Guan Yin
My frontier is on an airplane
the reaper in his eyes
Messenger - prince of flies
Brain washed with sin and death
Time to burn - my evil wrath

Evil spells...[X2]

[Solo: Azagthoth]
Once you fall, no return
Sin takes you by surprise
On this backwards hellbound ride
Gates of hell drawing near
Satan loves the taste of fear
of crime
The meaning of my life
There is no sin all down the line
No repentance pay the price

Number one in the list of misdeeds
Persuade my sister
Inside my freedom
I'm slaved
By those tastes of lust and evil
I cannot escape
I ever hear a voice
A voice that is my sign
Sex, drinks & metal
Emotional lust to taste the sin
Claws tearing through my soul I
Cried take me down to hell...
Wickedness by my side
Sin and lust bowdown before me
The bitter taste, there's nothing else
I'll bow for your king when he shows himself

Brick by brick by brick
These walls begin to cave in
The house
Sick is my spirit for I am bound to possess,
Sweet is my vengeance for I can taste it's blood
Blessed are my sins and all I with evil do,
Strong I
Blessed to taste a life of sin
My mind in constant pain
The piece that's always left behind
Just a morbid game

Taking your reverse
Open up
Two faced

People you offend
Driven to a frolic state
Hands around your neck
Taste my wrath and feel my hate

Behind your lies
Locked inside
Indulge in your desires
Taste the fruits of sin
Angel of the spirit
Become one of the flesh

I will tempt you
Child of light
Show your
to me 
Like a holy man prays 
In my desperate hour 
It's better that way 

So I'll come by and see you again 
I'll be such a very good friend 
my sins

(What is wrong with this
Violence and Chaotic)

Destroy my taste and all that's right
I slam you shut, I can only take so much
opened up to let me in. 
Bleeding orgys of fire and sin, the beauty of evil is vicious and grim. 
Feel the taste of the serpents kiss, deep and loving
made my life no fun

So tomorrow they'll lay me down and they'll throw away my gun

But can you taste the powder now, baby, can you taste my eveil sin
of the divinity
Inside and out of you
I want it more than truth
I can taste it on my breath
I would give my life just for a little death

So I'll come by
[This will even prevent masturbation]
You rise in the presence of our libertinage, taste all the pleasures of sin.
Your one desire controlled by