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Loading up the nine glocked
Stroll through the Springcreek looking for your chilling spot
You gon be a victim of a Tommy Wright Homicide
Dealee you can't
as they can't see our faces?)

(One, Two, One Two; You got it)

Runnin' through the trenches (What?)
Runnin' through the trenches (What?)
Tommy Hil was my nigga, and others couldn't figure
How me and Hilfiger used to move through with vigor
Had to sit and plan on how to make these seven
I tried to talk to him
Quit talkin', I'm a hang ya by your tongue, yea
Any motormouth could get hung high
We don't f*** wit' n****s like fungi
the mentals 
First saw Big Daddy at the place called Union Square 
If you went in by yourself, it was a terror 
See, I could do that 'cause my crew is kinda
comes sooner than later round here, 
You see my sharks like I got some bait around here, 
Hey you better stop the hate around there, 
Before tommy mack
[Professor X]
(We have come..)
by way of the stars, by way of the Nile evermore
(We have come..)
speaking the tongue of the pharoahes, descending
and Dub C
King Tee, Eiht, Kurupt and Suga Free
They Master Ceremonies and they Move Crowds
See, I'm from the west coast and I'm so proud
This where
Break it down big ba-ty, here to rock the par-ty
(c'mon) Break a sucker down to dust, ah-hah
Do what I must *inhale* ooh what a rush
Frank zappa (guitar, synclavier)
Steve vai (guitar)
Ray white (guitar, vocals)
Tommy mars (keyboards)
Chuck wild (piano)
Arthur barrow (bass)
But I'll never let them see me sweating my techs striking a pose
Hanging out the cuddy, nutty, nigga busting at hoes
I robed a little, rigged
[Intro - conversation with Capone in the background]
Yo, yo - you got that shit? Let me see that. (It's right here, yo)
Look - look,