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folks hear me creepin up the street
'Cause they know I got them, I got them
Woofers in my jeep, nigga

On 20's (on 20's)
Wheel's spinnin' (wheels
ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
Them West side guys will get ya
Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya

Them South side boys
plenty money and honey bunnies
20s and 10s, drive a Benz, you can't take nothin from me
Cause I came up on the streets, a straight up poor boy
But I beat
they don't want to holla

If you ain't got 20's if you ain't got dollars
Bitch fuck that shit we still gon pimp
We go ride through the streets we go hit
They don't count by spokes no more, they counting by inches
Them ain't 20's on my ride, them 22's you jive bitches
Switching lane to lane,
I thought but I'm on mine
Pockets full of 20's and strapped with a nine
So run up brothers and feel if that you can
But you will get hit by
We ride we ride 22s or betta'
We we ride we ride 22s or betta'
I swang on em swang on em [Repeat x2]

Now if I catch you at the light (i swang
your house with your family and friends (boom boom!)
Back to my block, serving 20's and 10's (what up!)
In the back of the alley sippin' 40's and gins
We Ride We Ride 22s Or Betta
We We Ride We Ride 22s Or Betta
I Swang On Em Swang On Em [x2]

Now If I Catch You At The Light (I Swang On Em
creep up the block
Doughfinned beep me when he need some rocks
Add 20's subtract the top
I'm pimpin' hard in the parkin' lot
Screens fall when I lean
treated like Coke and get capped up niggas
The only thing funny
Is y'all never seen big face money
Till them big face 20's

[Chorus 2x]

face money
Till them big face 20s

[Chorus: x2]

Roc-a-fella shit
1999 (uh huh)
You about to witness a dynasty
(you are not ready) unlike no
it, your price, you need to cut it
Your ice, you need to tuck it, she fuck with me, she lucky
A half a million, all 20s in that Gucci luggage
creep up the block
Doughfinned beep me when he need some rocks
Add 20's subtract the top
I'm pimpin' hard in the parkin' lot
Screens fall when I lean
the chips
20's for the six
Hollows for the clips
Try me, if you think I'm playing bitch
And the police we'll have another crime scene taker
Jim Star crush
[Swizz Beatz]
We know y'all out to drink 'til y'all throw up 
We know y'all sittin' on 20's 
We know y'all reppin' your hood 
But how many y'all
can do it, but a stranger gotta go help first
I called moms on the phone, here's what I told her real quick
I said my 20s flew by with no control
those 20's on your car"
I said I beg your motherfuckin pardon
Them is Michael Jordan's baby
She gotta understand the type of nigga you dealin with
Yeah. It was a gun
8:22 pm. I talked to one of the maidens 
who had almost been devoured

Could I talk to you, Ma'am
Who are you
I'm St.
Bank account fat and they riding the dick
We you need dough ask ya dad for the shit 
20's and 10's like you shopping for bricks
Got to payback
Ooh! Ooh!
what, for all my thug niggas and killers who take G's
feel me
Ooh! Ooh!

for all my niggas makin they cheese
smashin police with 20's
Its a oldie but a goodie
Check me out y'all uh

ayo the streets is quick to talk
Like jin things ain't been the same since you left 106 and park
Say L, hold these keys man
What kind of wheels is those brah
(man them boys got 20's dog, Lorenzos)
Man, I ain't never seen shining
me, I got it straight from the dragon's mouth
[St. George:] 11:45 pm. I rode over the King's Highway. 
I saw a man. Stopped to talk to him
Pardon me
Cant understand some of these 
Rhymin' in circles
Now patriotic emcees
On bent knees 
By six degrees
Lord have mercy
Even the voice of god