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that no one reads
A government of puppets blinded by another creed

Burning voice of insanity
Nothing is the same
Barren lands for the idle man
Find all
That has taken me by storm 

There's one thing I am wondering 
What exactly do you see that makes you wanna stay? 
I don't deserve your attention
Born Scorpio boy
Chased by storms
Always safe

Rush out of bed
Tornado is dead
In its wake, sunlight
The land in uproot

Taken down south
He who walks the fire breathes
Unlike the rest
Living by the bloody creed
Kirisute gomen

Air of battle tasting stale
Reeks of deceit
Send the bitter
Gathering of the storm
And the winds are blowing wild
Sweeping over cross and creed, country, color and child
Mother nature cries for love
Her children
King of tempests and storms
Lord of innumerable figures and forms
Blessed with thy cold I am
As I upon the shoulders of mine
Bear the burden
a battering ram

Muscles all contorted
As the blood begins to boil
Taken by titanic force
Brought to native soil
And as the wind begins to howl
The storm
quarter be shown
Live for the thrill of battle alone
Blessed by the will to die for the throne
In for the kill
In for the kill
Freedom is taken by
Gathering of the storm
And the winds are blowing wild
Sweeping over cross and creed, country, colour and child
Mother nature cries for love
Her children
I always loved my baby
I always kiss my baby
I's always taken by his charms
I never hurt my baby
I never beat my baby
I never did him any harm
his eyes
Like flames of war
Burning the skies
Taken by storm

Armies of Hell
Devouring life
Knights of The Well
Stand strong and fight

On nightmares'
Sleeping in the master's room
Seeing through his eye for gain
Keeping by his side not to be a victim
Falling in the darkened rain

She was taken from
The way a cloud divides sometimes, the clearing and the blue, I love you
I was just passing through and taken by surprise
Between the black sky
corrupted by creed
A Roman Empire falls to their knees
Intervention the only reality

Pain, never go away
Hate, remains the same
They, they will know my
I cast the letters you wrote
Taken out by the current or sink to the bottom to say a little goodbye to your love

Skies dark and the wind blew
Standing by ringwalls of stone
Deepest dungeons
Passing irongates
Nor the golden sendt dreams

Under towers that
Once stormed in sight
a coming
They're getting in for one free bite
I was taken by surprise
By the glint in the eyes of a sweet campaign
Smelling strongly of lies
at the wall
I might storm and rage and thunder
Oh Christ but then later
In the incinerator
Something inside seems to fall asunder.

I need to scream every now
walls, creed of dementia
Annihilated by sheer weight of the surge
Put to the sword, freed from their calenture
The great estate was given straight
to confront
Yet I am conscious of my task... 
As retribution lurks from below

Decisions should have been made
Fear, a life span taken by phobias
Feel this,
To all those races, colors, and creeds, every man bleeds for the 
Countless victims and all their families of
The murdered, tortured
This world has taken me by storm, 
It makes me feel like running, 
This place is making me
Transform until i feel like nothing. 

Some people trust in some religious creed
Believing in what the other said
Now close your eyes and make your own choice
So call my name and I will
She was taken 
From a cruel storm 
The refuse from a silver phial 
Took her magic master`s words 
And sung 
And made his lower self worth while
To ride the storm, to an empire of the clouds
To ride the storm, they climbed aboard their silver ghost
To ride the storm, to a kingdom that will