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this poor boy's heart 
By the look in his eyes he ain't cried in 
And he's reatining a five gallon tear 

Doc wrote a prescription to induce
What's it gonna take 
To slow us down 
To let the silence spin us around? 
What's it gonna take 
To drop this town? 
We've been spinning
And hope say dem man yah don't take too long
Me say write off the debt
Me say write off the debt
And stop the third world a fret
Picture a world with no
seem to wipe this smile off my face
Life's a happy song

When there's someone by my side to sing along
Everything is great
We'll live happily ever after
the Third World's gone
The waters poisoned where I'm from son
Seven hundred children die by the end 'this song
Revolution will come, where I'm from: the Third
a flash of chipped tooth smile 
Each cities' demons buried beneath 
In this campaign of vice 
Our drinking song, a reprise 

A slow blur existence
its second day

In his image this voice made a man
And a woman to love each other
They became the rulers of the world
And the third day was their
This day and age we're living in
Gives cause for apprehension
With speed and new invention
And things like third dimension

Yet we get a trifle
the match to you this time
And watch the smoke rings fit the crime

In moments you cannot reprise
Like a soldier or a watch that you can’t wind
And we fought
Engines are roaring the warheads ablast
The destroyer claims their fate
Hells legions armies
They march to defy
Lucifer takes his wait

Obeying this task by
the Reggae version, hey, for the People in
the Third World... we haven't forgotten anybody on this song.. .for all of you French
people...who think that you
since I came out the gate
Used to dream about making it a six-figure deal
To show this world that this life that I've been living is real
When I make it
This day and age we're living in
Gives cause for apprehension
With speed and new invention
And things like third dimension

Though we get
Yeah, sup Ro, sup Grace, this your boy Den Den
To jump on this track with you boys, knowI'mtalkingbout
It's all about the third baby, third coast,
submittable, you look pitiful
Yeah you're headstrong, but you're dead wrong
want to survive? Stick with the love songs
Take off your shirt, flex and flirt
Know you think that you got me figured out friend
When you really haven't got a clue
So take a listen from this 'Island' boy
This coconut maybe
Lotta' paranoia everywhere take a look out yer door 
If it ain'why the tube it's the paper news third world war 
Or church they feed us all this
A whore, A witch is a witch
Answer to your name Elizabitch

Third world its time for switching
Watch how the tables are turning
We must abandon the sinking
Getting up in one another's face

Welcome to this world this crazy crazy world
Welcome to this world my crazy crazy world

My brother-in-law
but I'm tired, tired of the same old sad song....

Sittin at the window of life watching the world go by seeing little brothers and sisters with pain
David the world can only take so much 
And with you around, we're in for a really hard time 

Jagger and Richards, game for a laugh 
Dancing us down
take me baby
Take me by the hand
And love me too

Touches my heart, when I hear this song
Takes me back to your world
Now I'm here, on a beach with
Madness is the name of this absurd game
There's the son of god hanging once again
Surrounded by the flames of hell

The whole world is falling down with
        But done by scratches so save that water
        This jam is packed so I just figure
        All we need is the house to get bigger
[ VERSE 1: Big Daddy Kane ]
Give a demonstration
To the whole rap world rhythm nation
And take a taste of this verbal vibration
With more color