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a better chance seeing Jesus 

So I got me a plan 

Steal me a Astrovan and take the law into my own hands 

And I ain't going out talking to them hoes
killed by a cop that thought negative
Shot in the back like a victim of Jesse James
Tell them his motherf***ing name!
Phillip Pernell, murdered by
The apple gloss on Miami Beach, David Hasselhoff
Hassle me I'm Tim McGraw, I don't pass the ball
Ball hard fourth quarter shoot the lights off
Fast break,
the Lord's blessings will rain down
I pray I stay sane now
I ask 'em question like, who am I right now?
Because I'm still plagued by peer pressure
seeing me on the side
Quote me up in your thesis, I deserve a trophy for some of these quips

You're surrounded by pussies like you're the only brother