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doobie doo

Oh Mary Jane
Are you sleeping
Are you waiting for the sun
Oh Mary Jane
Your tears they fall
Like rain upon the sand
Let me take you by
Take Me In Your Arms
The Doobie Brothers
I know you're leavin' me behind
I'm seein' you darlin' for the very last time

Show a little tenderness
(You know what's up Sen)
Shoot your ass down! And by the way, you get

A hole in your head
A fuckin' hole in your head (In your head!)
A hole in
(You know what's up Sen)
Shoot your ass down! And by the way, you get

A hole in your head
A fuckin' hole in your head (In your head!)
A hole in
grabs the pound
I don't count my loot-chee, Doobie gots the cool breeze
Box of jewelry, no hope is what your crew say
Blast mecha-uzi, blue eyes go
the battle was won
By the rest, we take your chest, intrude a vibe
That is best, game sewed up tight, like a seamstress
Petite, in a long ?spleen skin?
Drives by and splashes me
Get there the queue's outrageous
Ladies taking ages
My rage is blowing gauges
How long's it take to validate your wages?
that, in this country town
The facts are black and white when she threw her arms around me
I went ......... crazy 
We danced the hoochie-coochie,
Uh uhh, Lil' Flip (Lil' Flip)
I'm hoppin out in a Fendi suit, I got DVD's in my Bentley Coupe
I got hoes that's 22; they buy me clothes and tennis
a brother pimp you
If you want the style, you can rich your blood
Y'all take a look at her, she got such an astonishing body
I can see you in some Gucci,
Switching to freaky, so I'm loving the way that she walk
You looking good girl, you oughta be in pictures
Listen to me, I see your career going sky
Rage on, rage on my brother
Time to lay down my arms
You know that it's wrong for me to go on
There's a madman singing down in the alley

need to go by yourself find the way on your own
You're never out of his sight even when you're alone
All I'll stay closer then a brother to you
Arm in
Shoop shoop a-doobie like Scoobie Doobie Doo
I love you in your big jeans, you give me nice dreams
You make me wanna scream, ooh ooh ooh
I like what ya
Honour your brother's name, unarmed of blind
Let me aid you in your aim, don't stay behind let's
Maim immortality and death to a deity

kilowatts of P.Funk power
So kick back, dig, while we do it to you in your eardrums
And me? I'm known as Lollipop Man
Alias, The Long Haired Sucker, my
still had us

Blood brothers closer than your next to kin
Thick as thieves and the best of friends
Take a bullet for each other

Yea brothers
Hey big brother, as soon as you arrive 
You better, get in touch with the people, big brother 
Better get them on your side, big brother 
And keep
niggas wasn't playin' they got straight to the point
Shot up his mothers house col' smoked the joint
All he left was two brothers by the last name Doobie
arms again.
Back in your arms

(alternative firstverse)

In my dream my love was lost, I lived by luck and faith.
I carried you inside of me, and praied
by and weeks turned into years
Every drip of hope became a sea of fears
Somewhere in the dark, a light or just a spark

Brothers in arms fighting
fuck you up, young buck
Bust you in your head, leave your body by the dump truck
Revolution got me pumped up
But it's still a fact black people still
back home

Will you take the high road
Will you take the low road
Oh brother
You're out on your own

Is this how it's got to be
Call by
Brother tell another about the real grits getters 
(Yeah, the grits getters get the grits y'all) 

Yo man, what about me man? 

Yo man, just pass your
a runaway smooth like a Billie Holiday
You couldn't bag me, boy, with a hefty
Train like Rocky but still can't step to me
So take a hint, money, leave it