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Get the fire as the flame it burns
Get the wind as it slowly turns
Get the earth as it circles by
Get the sky sea creation fly

This point
As the ball of sunset fire
Falls into the sea
And the diamond lights
Start dancing in the sky of ebony
All that I see before me
Screams out your
what I've been searching for, my baby 

Earth wind, earth wind and fire 
Cannot take me, take me much higher 
Earth wind, earth wind and fire
Sunlight, falling on your steel,
Death in life is your ideal,
Life is like a wheel, rolling on and on.

Through earth and water, fire and wind,
you came
the heavens

Mighty : the wind of storm
Forks of lightning lacerates dark sky
From within : the clouds : ablaze
By the flash of the silver hammer
There's a big beautiful planet in the sky
It's my home, it's where I live
You and many others live here too
The earth is our home it's where we
The day of eclipse
Brought by baptism of fire
Rebirth of future
Falls from the skies


Reorganizing life
With withering conscience
that ever tried to stand with his own plan
Now this man was all about the wind rain and trees
He knew that it would take care 
Of all of his family

born, souls don't die
Soul ain't made of earth, ain't made of water, ain't made of sky
So, ride the flaming circle, wind the golden reel
And roll on,
apocalyptic flash
All forces from beyond the time now gathered on earth

For thousands of years the Evil has been penting up its rage
Waiting for so long
the moment comes 
They'll be coming to claim, 
Take your soul away 

The sign of the cross 
The name of the rose 
A fire in the sky 
The sign
melting, holes in the sky
Woods are on fire
Scary pollution, our world´s gonna die
Look what we do, it's madness

I paint a new world
Colors of magic
The tide must rise the tide must rise
Its the law of earth and skies
The tide will rise, the tide will rise
Its as natural as day to night
As day
of blood and fire gorging on the sacred feast
Bounty of the goddess offered by the avatar
White blood spills with the singing of the scimitar

the moment comes 
They'll be coming to claim, 
take your soul away 

The sign of the cross 
The name of the rose
a fire in the sky 
The sign
of death
Engulf the sphere
That no longer lives
Now takes its course
Until the end
A world gone black, through toxic skies
Lay to waste
Last abide
the towers of black by my side I summoned shadows and spirits, evil and
Storms rain and fire, to come forth and take my soul.

A blaze from the black skies
to myself
That you and I got everything we need
I'd give it all for you and me

Love is the earth and the wind
And the fire and the soul
Love is the key
to see the pictures 
Way up in the sky 
It looks like moving pictures 
When the clouds go by 
I like to see the pictures 
Way up in the sky 
It looks
and to poison even the air
and he killed every beast
and taught the seas how to bleed
Burned by the fire we make,
what a shame
Then the winds gave in
Try if you dare, you can walk on air
A dream is all you need

A circle that takes you high
Lighter than air as the earth goes by
And ain't it a lot like love the way desire takes you in 
And sparks the fire like the Santa Ana wind 
Now the air is calm, and the heart grows
Bound together by a legend
To protect use and defend

Lead us to the yellow rainbow
Just in case the earth should fall
If you find the yellow rainbow
Oh, the fire, the fire
Oh, the fire, the fire

There's something in your heart
And it's in your eyes
It's the fire
Inside you
Let it burn