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I want to live on a street in the movies
The one with the trees that filters the sun out
Little by little I could loosen up there
And take
And drop 'em in a teacup
Take 'em down to the riverside
And throw 'em over the side

To be swept up by a current
Then taken to the ocean
To be eaten by
By the time I filter down to you
A finger for an invitation
Too sane to find the feel
Cotton blood in a jewelry box
The last to leave, the last
But no sweat,
I got a crooked cigarette.

When it's busted by the filter there's a trick that I found,
You break it on apart then you turn it
And drop 'em in a teacup
Take 'em down to the riverside
And throw 'em over the side

To be swept up by a current
Then taken to the ocean
To be eaten by some
and drop 'em in a teacup.
Take em down to the riverside,
And throw em over the east side
To be swept up by a current

And taken to the ocean
To be
of emotion, no clue of a notion 
Transfixed like a stone
Enthralled by the feeling of no feeling at all

Pushed by my sail
I am moved by
Listen as she speaks to you
Hear the voices flutter through
The barriers arranged by you

Close the shudders draw the shades
Filter out
And drop them in a teacup
Take them down to the riverside
And throw them over the side

To be swept up by a current
Then taken to the ocean
To be eaten
I wonder what it's like 
Seeing through your eyes 
You've offered me to have a try 
But I was always late 

The filters that I use 
Give me
know best as a perfect
Circle of interaction

An electrical chamber of vast capacity,
Storing the pieces gathered by senses,
Pushing through filters
Politics and evil
All one in the same
Satan hides behind a different name

Take these chains away
Free my hands from bondage
Can't explain a way
She got her daddy's tongue and temper
Sometimes her mouth could use a filter
God shook his head the day he built her
Oh, but I bet he smiled.

(myles goodwyn)
Published by goody two tunes, inc. - bmi

Anxious thoughts, filter through the haze
His mind's confused and he just can't find his
But how would you know?

It a takes a few moments of whirling around
Before your feet finally leave the ground
And fending off fears
Mistaken identity
I am not the man
Look at my face
I am not the man

Sunlight filters through the leaves
A breeze blows the curtains wide
Artist: Filter
Song: "In Dreams" 
Album: "Anthems for the Damned"
Written by: Richard Patrick

Come take me 
To the place of your bereavement
Let me
they're too afraid 
And they let their train go by

and some will never say no
Living on the frailty
Of never letting go
Always hiding behind a mask
By the time I reach tomorrow
I won't be me any way
And I'm not collecting sorrow
Don't disengage
You can't finger what you filter
When it travels
I tip my hat to the creation
And its rewarding disposition
Formed by something
Lacking nothing here
Something so divine
A spectacle
Left uninspired by the crust of railroad earth;
It touched the land to the pages of your manuscript.
I took my thumb off the concrete and saved up
nothing but false grace.
All I see is an image of me an evil filter on me
With endless doubts I'm moving out take your chance now.
All I see is an image
Another drag from cigarettes
Smoked down to the filter
I know I have to face the change and now I'm in that game
These are lessons I can't learn
filters out the light
A thousand breasts massage my face
But Life is calling to take me away
(Open up, we have a warrant)
Learn to walk another day
dying young here. You and I know I'm not
Trying. It's gonna take a while to sleep. It's gonna take
A while to filter all the message wrapped around