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leave your eyes in the air
L'air est pollué mon p'tit frère
The air's polluted, my little brother
Va voir ta mère
Go see your mother
Ce qu'elle t'a
Yo, yo, yo ,yo
I got it bad girl, bad girl
Yo, yo
I got it bad girl, bad girl

When I first met ya
I was infatuated by your stature
It's like
to make you


I know you want me baby
Do I make you horny baby
I can tell by ya eyes
You want me ta ride you
Like a horsey baby

burst your mind and cracks your bones

V E N O M, yeah

This is our hell and that's the way we live
Your eyes transfixed by
I'm feelin extra extraordinary freaky
And i know you hoes want to roll with me
I shoot by the bar place my order
Big baller orderin all that damn
nothing but love
I'm feelin' extra extraordinary freaky
And i know you hoes want to roll with me
I shoot by the bar place my order

Big baller orderin
They'll try to hook you by the eye
There's a mirror in your soul
You should turn it to the sky

On the road to rock 'n' roll
The lonely sing a soulful
could never mend what these cold streets
Mentally done to me too often I close my eyes
And see my own coffin feelin' haunted ready to leave
This world
mac a meal in fact until I stack the bills ta rack the skills
Ta get a track ta kill them rap at will, the I is capital
Double L, lower case t-o-w-n
my face

These bullets he gon taste

A waste of your life, steppin' wrong, I'm on trees

Best ta leave me alone, best ta go make some cheese

Now everybody keep your eyes on the prize cause the ride get tricky
See you got some n****s on your side
That say they're your friends
But in
feelin extra extraordinary freaky
And I know you hoes wanna roll with me
I shoot by the bar - place my order
Big baller orderin all that damn water
I head
takes his leave
Up on the A1 by Scotch Corner
Just like it used to be

And as he flies, tears in his eyes
His wind-whipped words echo the final take
I’m sick of people that can’t look me in the eye all the time
I’m tired of girls I’m tired of boys I’m tired of nonsense
I’m ta ta ta ta ta ta tired
still on) 2x
 i'm lettin glocks dispearse/
ta some niggaz i am tha worse/
this tha second verse/
like tuts tomb i'll leave ya cursed/
rock niggaz
Well I'm sitting here
On this park bench
With the sun in my eyes
N' I touch the leaves
As they fall to my knees
N' I just wonder why
Now I'm
de panky 'tween you 'n dem two concrete flamingos ovuh by de steps! you been messin' wit de
E bird o' new jersey, muthafucker! dat kin git you five
lyin' man
These n****s ain't really kickin' this s*** they be tellin' y'all man
They wanna see y'all get f***ed up right there man
Keep ya eyes on me
Chorus: Deep down south in da hood niggas slang
 Hustlin' and game 
Tryin ta stack some change 
Land of tha Lost Full of Gangstas n killas
 mo chleamhnas á dhéanamh inniu agus inné
'S ní mó ná go dtaitníonn an bhean udaí liom féin
Ach fuígfidh mé mo dhiaidh í, is rachaidh mé leat
Dear Margaret I beg of you
Dear Margaret gonna tell on you
Don't want to be patronized
By those lying eyes
Dear Margaret I wanted you
and when you want

Ya don't want my thugs to get up on it 
leave it alone 'cause we bought our liquor, now
[Chorus: x2]
B**** n****z better
ta fight your chick
Lorena Bobbitt, Told her to slice yo dick
If you Ever break up with a Psycho bitch

[Verse I: Tech N9ne]
Don't give me that
Now your neck got disconnected by the Lynch Hung necklace
Hey, I leave 'em red, and I don't eat the head
Let the Tec spit and chop niggaz down ta
Before I lay my head down ta rest 
I roll up a nickel sack of cess ta relieve the stress 
The herb and the Calisthenics do a nigga justice