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Since my baby's gone

From the album "True Love"
Written by: M. Parish & H. White
COINTEL, going down
Projects, pop offs, issues, payback
Sickness, lockdown, get it
Free Mumia and H. Rap Brown

Before you get what you want, gotta give
for me face the judge and lie for me

P. I. T. T. S. B. U. R. G. H. 
Represent to the fullest 
And I'm putting cowards back into place
When I'm
Bands with managers are going places 
Bands with messy hair and smooth white faces 
You don't believe when I say 
It won't be alright 
Vans with
the streets deep in the bottom yo ain't no Mario Brothers
Official Bronx niggas, quick to body yo' mother (ouch)


Jesus H. Christ, how many times
I was listening to Classic VH when I pulled an H. Singh 

Drank myself to a stupor, ears started to ring 
And I'll go to Finally Al's and type
Trapped in heaven life style (Locked in Long Kesh)
New looking out for pleasure (H-block torture)
It's at the end of the rainbow (White noise in)
Trapped in heaven life style (locked in Long Kesh)
New looking out for pleasure (H-block torture)
It's at the end of the rainbow (White noise in)
step up on the crack
H-h-honey, I know what worth was waiting for

You got your white coat mama
You got your heart of soul
I see some crucifixion behind
8 spoonfulls in coffee, please Candy and chocolate from slavery Ice cream in every variety Sweet crystalline substance C12 H22 O11 White poison 1 2
(Come on) coca baby you know it's me ; B.X T.S 'til I D-I-E
New York, New York shit thats all me
Name another nigga with a flow like me
So sick I swear
Money for the lunch box- put it in the juke box- 
pulling up her white socks- letting’ down her red locks. 

I love that Johnny H’s signature. 
Tá mo grábháil í, a shí ógó
Greamaithe don dheánaí, a h-óbó
'S mo ghrábháil gheal fán únán tráigh
'S mé 'gabháil i tsáile i mBaile Leóil
From Malay to Harlem two stepping (echo)
So I' stop cause we made it where the ladies are

We start with Bellini's and end with Patron shots
pleasure, the fear is gone, In the land of the wintersun.

[Solo: H. Juhano / Both / N. Dahlin / P. Vastila / Both & Vastila]
[Repeat: Bridge: 2 - Rep.


But, If
You're Thinkin'
About My Baby
It Don't Matter If You're
Black Or White


They Print My Message
In The Saturday Sun
I Had
Who's that in the garden eating all our red, red roses?
It's Dorothy! (That's me.)
She wears a floppy white hat and yellow spots galore.
a white hearse and I'm the
Ne plus ultra of B+ culture. My goal is to make you go, "Holy
Frijoles! Jesus H. Christ," where "H." stands for "Holy crap."
in their mouth
Start a moonshine steal sleep in a tent
buy some cheap livestock find some land to rent
Then I'm a Cledus T. it up and down the farm
Yaqui, Pima, Porca, Oneida
O-o-h, native North American me

Sing about your ebony African Queen
Sing about your lily-white Lily Marleen
Beauty by
on the team, crash your huddle

Well I'm known in the hood like Castellano
You could see me in the fiddy, puffin' H. Armano
Doin' eighty on the Belt', follow
Prada over Chanel
A H-Class ho with the H. Findel
Rhyme deep in footwear, via Spiga
Like Aaliyah, One in a Million
There's MC's in this rap shit comin
He was in section a to g,
She was under h to t.
Their eyes met across the queue,
Look at you.

He asked for her current address,
She blushed
Will they know who wears the crown

There you stood in front of me
Dressed in glory
White to see
Spell-bound on the deep blue skies
Sara spelled without an 'h' was getting bored
On a Peavea amp in 1984
While Zak without a 'see' tried out some new guitars