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Announcement 1 (track 1) 

"It has been rumored that a new People's Army has been formed by a certain 
'Commander Black'. A few minor incidents
of putrefaction seek a ghoulish satisfaction
Killers with a single mission yearn for cranial nutrition

Devil-spawn hatched by thermonuclear war
If you live by
But I don't mind
Just come home

Played by ear
Play devil's advocate
Whatever I fear
Pay for it afterwards

How do I feel?
Glorifed refugee
Don't ask for the reasons why
I will turn every truth into a lie
I am sinful by nature
I have no regret, I only aim to please

You are looking
They call her Angel
She's the devil's child
Just for the hell of it
She drives men wild

Just like the spider
Hypnotizing the fly
She works
Devoured by darkness
Rampageous violence
Futile resistance
Earth shall crumble
Ungodly terror
Immense destruction
The pain and the torment
and dumb, you bleed, boy

Con man's got a bloodhound nose for flaws
Profits from both sides of the law
I feel sympathy for his philosophy
If you're
[Text by Hate Rodvitnesson]
[Text by Nocturno Culto, Sept. '98 for Mactatus exclusively]
[Music by Mactatus]

"In Blasphemy I rise
For the burning
was entertaining me
But then turned and was stunned, by her panic and her misery

And I was in the get-away car
Giving him a chance, to get away
your heads get in a whirl.
We're just devils craving sympathy,
Save us from the big bad world.
And everyone's concerned about Industrial Disease
There's panic on the switchboard tongues are ties in knots
Some come out in sympathy some come out
for the devil
And demon is in my vein
I'm organized chaos
But don't call me stupid I'm insane

At my worst I'm at my best
Wide awake but I let
you see what I see
Someone took it to a whole new level
And as I think
My mind's on the brink
Some consider me as a rebel
A rap devil
Controlled by
They call her Angel
She's the devil's child
Just for the hell of it
She drives men wild

Just like the spider
Hypnotizing the fly
She works
Dancing with the devil on the 13th floor
Non stop knocking on heaven's door
Thinking faster flirting with disaster plastered
I'm your puppet
If skills sold, truth be told, I'd probably be, lyrically, Talib Kweli (Jay-Z)

I get respected by the best emcees
(In this world)
The recipe for
a flow that's so contagious
And all and all true patience, my brotha Lo told me makes for perfection
While you feeling bound by this matrix
That's why when
comin' out my cage,
They're full of shit and no feeling,
I'll always be in a rage.

Small Deadly Space

Sympathy cries for the devil,
I dance
backing down for nothing
I'm a back em down like Shaq with this black 2-2-3 in my hand
Better pray that this chopper jam, like a radio single, man
ain't bluffing
Gotta vest up 'cause I sure ain't ducking
Standing in the cold on the corner, flash O's
Sold his soul to the devil for a Mac-11
[Segment I - Utterly significant]

I call to me Arcane Devil

Incant Master Enchant Death
My calls
Divide and roll

Countdown to visitation
Inner spaces
Invaded, some say, by alien races
They orbit our sun for thousands of years
popular immorality
Sympathy disease head, population misled
Self indulgent past dead, absence of the God head
Pimps, pushers and harlotry
Nepotism, no
into the sewer
Her body stunk for weeks like horse manure
Now the police are looking for the boyfriend, I'm the suspect
Forensic files, evidence, panic
The rag over my face

If you ride wit' me you might end up in a police chase
I will not surrender
I don't recommend doing your Shit for you
You just