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and devotion, before the modern world;

And now we live in a two by four,
Never going outside through the door,
They're watching us on the video line,
But we
In black fairy tales

I live on emotion
And comic relief
I put this one on you
Run, run, run like a thief

Am I all alone?
Am I all alone?
breathe life need life breath life keep life
Lie and decieve with no emotion
False promises loss of devotion
Scarred by deceit my self destruction
Life is cheap, bitter sweet
But it tastes good to me

Take my turn, crash and burn
It's how its supposed to be

So don't rain on my parade
lives with emotion
Now do I have to live on my own?
I would cross every mountain and ocean
Tell me why has your heart turned to stone
You never wanted
Oh, baby life could be something wonderful

You keep me satisfied
I need you by my side
But you want to leave today
Don't throw it
by your side
Share your fears in the silent redemption
Touch my lips, hold me tight
Live in vanity for a while

As winter melts in the sun
Oh, baby life could be something wonderful

You keep me satisfied
I need you by my side
But you want to leave today
Don't throw it
[M and L: T. Eriksson]

Our lives are taken too much for granted
And it seem we've lost the answers
The wheel of life, we live then die
But now I'm
Half my
Life is gone from me. A mistake I must endure. Containing my
Emotions, from time we spent alone. Surrender to my past, live
With a false sense
In amongst the rings of confusion
Silencing the thought powers one by one
It seems all so incredible
Our own ability to confuse, to sacrifice
And everybody be laughin' at him, he doesn’t know it
‘Cause he believed her, thought he couldn’t be G'd by such a sweet girl
(News flash, news flash, it’s a cruel
You're too far away for me to run to
A million galaxies live within you
Why can't I cry my way to your dimension
Or a new dimension not only out
Come on and chico chaco me 
Baby by the sea 
Lovin' you is just fantastic 
Right by the tico taco tree 
We are fancy free 
Life is simple
the day I die
And I hurt, baby, oh how I hurt
But I know what you're worth, yeah
So I'm gonna live with this
Until I hit the dirt, someday

And everyday by
We pack up our gear
And we're gone again
Driven by passion, outward
Away from family and friends
But what they can't see
Is that every day I'm
As he takes her by the hand.
He whispers that he loves her,
So she fails to understand.

Strolling lives, angellic passages,
With visions
I am the wanderer's wandering daughter
Wrestle the pestle for the sake of the mortar
I love as I breathe and leave as I live
My cast iron shield's
of it is stipulated
Watch and learn how emotions get manipulated
Now you in dire need of help
You the victim, made to think you did it to yourself
Yeah, yeah that sho' feel good
Hello! I go by the name of simply Cee-Lo Green
How do you do? Welcome
I thought I'd seize this opportunity to tell you
the power

Sweet line you so warm, you so warm
Just wanna be like Run and them
But now I don't, I ran away
I ran away, I ran away
I know that bitches
Black is bad and good is white
The life I'm forced to live
Or should I say the life I lead
It's to materialistic
And my goals are fueled by greed
a sick-minded freak, six minds kinda think
Sitcom-blinded geek found life by hide-and-seek
I climb the steep, a few times a week
The line's with skeet,