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feeds the monkey, then she feeds the cat

I'll talk, I'll talk they live by the sea
Surrounded by a cemetery
If you get tired come up for some tea
By then they were surrounded,
    by dawn they all were dead
I heard this from
    the old Trans Am,
        up the road ahead
That cowboy just
Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

May be surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
The ages that stir the dark waters of time
Are surrounded by the enchanting woods of pine
Oh thee O' Northstar let your pale light lead my path
By Walter Egan and Billy Cioffi

Whatever happened to the dreams we used to keep
Those crazy precious moments now so bittersweet
Once I'd convinced
I deal is shady

Skip hip data to get the anti-matter
Blue lines are the reason why the temple had to shatter
To the sound of silence surrounded by
stepped foot on the New World
And witnessed beauty unspoiled
All the delights given by God
As if an Eden itself, as if Eden had opened her heart to him

Your whole perimeter is surrounded by my legion 

You're trapped inside the center of an isolated region 

Chk-chk-bloaw! Bloaw! Glass
By the schoolbooks and teachers
The blind leading the blind
Through the garden of eden
But time after time
We had the prophets to lead us
global  fucking domination in this rap shit 

Word is Bon Jovi

Yo, whattup, yo.. you know how me and Ruck go 
Worldwide Boot Camp with smoke by