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lovers all the stars in the skies
Sing of Stone haven water home, Stone haven Sunrise

Stone haven Sunset the desert's on fire
Christ on the cross
sunset, the sunset, the sunset, oh-o-oh

Headlight lit the faces by the tabernacle door
Gazing at the bloodstains on the damp sidewalk
As the crowd
Maybe one day I'll be an honest man
Up till now I'm doing the best I can
Long roads, long days, of sunrise, to sunset
Sunrise to sunset

by the ocean
As the waves crashed around you
Sunsets never were so bright
And the skies never so blue
You opened up into my arms
And we laughed
to dream another sunset with you
If I roll over when it's over
I'll take this Cali sunrise with me
And wake up with the fondest memories

We made love by
I know that now's the time to take my chance with death and realize.
Sunrise, sunset, will you wash away the rain?
Sunrise, sunset can you wash
good, good

I do what I say, say what I mean
Try to get a grip on the American dream
(Like a good cowboy)
From Sunrise to Sunset Strip I'll be
she gone 

Was she murdered by a man, thinking that she was just some bird? 

All day long I sit by the riverside 
Watching the sunrise and sunset
I open up my eyes and feel you by my side 
Before the morning light even hits me
There's comfort in the knowing that anywhere I'm going
I know
The train left westwards on a Saturday sunrise
We rode along the linear scaffold
To a fertile sidetrack
Not yet been tamed
By urban architecture
You never know the weight of your crimes
But when all the gates have closed and you're tired
You stand a while by the fire
And it burns bright
breathe shimmers with your bright perfume

Rainbow eyes, rainbow eyes
You paint the world with your love
Rainbow skies, up above

Rainbow eyes flash poetry
Have you ever seen the stars at night 
And wondered, "Why so bright?"
Have you ever seen the sunset on a cloudy night 
And wondered, "Why
My last sunrise, no more sunsets for me
I can bury my good heart with relief, I'm free
I can smile, taste the tear drop from my eye
Waiting for
of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory

Now the hour is comed, the time is right for the feast to take its roll
And by the sunrise sixty bodies will be found
The long gone breezes are blowing down the sky.
From my window to the street I cast my weary eye.
Everything is quiet in the lonesome dusky night.
stars shining bright
In the cavern of the night
All is still and silence screams
To the thunder of the Lorca train

Flaming steal swift as wind
a flamingo swarm.

and if your night unplugs its life.
Digital sunrise. Digital sunset.
Digital sunrise.

Oh, Team Machine!
The world's got no end and got no
to understand.
What happened then as he took her by the hand...
Little lights are burning bright in you
Little lights are burning bright in you
Orphan leaves
Blinded by fear of life
Betrayed by sunrise
Bright eyes
Blinded by fear of life
No Merlin is by my side

Hey, father stubborn
You're ying
Missing but he's still standing, barely

English sunset, sun in your eyes
Dusk sweeps over us tonight
Rainy Brixton holidays
Red brick parks
a town called Amen

Come lay down on this bed
Hey, close your weary eyes
Like the clouds above our heads
Life slowly passes by

Did you kiss the dog
got a ticket to the moon 
I'll be leaving here any day soon 
Yeah, I've got a ticket to the moon 
But I'd rather see the sunrise, in your eyes
remember what it's like
Keep me up all night

Let's Outrun the sandman
Forget about the time
Cast that old spell on me
Just by looking at my eyes
Here struck between this heaven blue 
This emerald green 
Life takes on so easy 
And here our eyes shine bright 
And our smiles are free