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missing me
So I'm missing Oregon Hill

Sunday morning, eight A.M.,
Sirens fill the air
Sounds like someone made the river
Sounds like someone being
We started on the trip
We flew along just like a song 
On a gallant whaling ship
Was the second Sunday morning 
Just after leaving port
We met
We woke up one Sunday morning
Bought a thousand dollar van
Picked the boys up on the west side
Now I don't know where I am
But tonight would have
I think about that day
I left him at a Greyhound station
West of Santa FĂ©

We were seventeen, but he was sweet and it was true
Still I did what
She said said oh just leave it go
I swore that he was dead
In the morning then
We went to walk along down by the sea shore
Talking about the night
street called love yeah)
Lead me to that road (i'm trying to get home)
Trying to get home (come on and take me to love street)

Sunday morning (yeah)
usually hangs around
Between texas and paraguay
Sometimes ranging as far
West as catalina

Catalina, catalina, catalina!

This particular peccary
Is part
Murder niggas at night
Some of that real thug shit
We murder niggas at night
And in the morning
We catch fools sleepin' before they yawnin'

you know where I'll be, yeah
In Tennessee

It's a Sunday morning, I awake, it's just another lonely day
I lie in bed and wonder how long is this
carry myself
And can't no woman have my heart, cause I'm gon' marry myself

My first diss song that, yeah that use to be me
Every Sunday morning