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Wen I needed you there you wood listen
I seen a rainbow yesterday remember you used to say

After the rain the sun shines then a brighter day

[Verse One]
Death is becoming a way of life
It's a killing season and the sun shines bright
The air you're breathin' is getting hot
I guess
rape the tape, drop along in interstate 
Wit weight, wipe the slate and, mob the gate 
And by fakin I'll avoid the court date, no legal aid
(Ride by)
Seen my niggas from the Pound so I (Slide by)
Say what's happenin' to them niggas that don't (Know my)
Name and my game, give a fuck I'm (So
drip or intravenus
I drop everything you didn't want to know about my penis
(Some sort of Tourettes Syndrome)

It's a very fine philosopher, debating
don't shine like mine, I get some bread for your dusty ass
You better exit cause boy it gets hectic and I start to flex kid
And wipe a big fat booger