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- Annie's Song album. It has also been released on The John Denver Collection - Calypso album, as a live version.

The world is fast becoming younger

[M: Petrozza/Gosdzik/Fioretti/Reil ú L: Petrozza ú c Dark Wings]

[I gave this song a new title since it is the first version
Kate, I'm honoured to have you, my daughter
Sing on my Chrstmas album with me
Here is a lovely song called Winter Wonderland
And maybe you could
[P. Wagner, J. Schroeder/P. Wagner]

[This is a fun-version with new words of an very old song from Avenger, the band that became Rage in late '85.
and refused to do acoustical versions of the
Electrical songs we had refused to record in the first place
Then we smashed our shit

Well we blew 'em away
mother's thighs divided by pi
I'm the sickest linguistically, illicit lyrical misfit, in the business
And probably in existence. What's your consensus?
kids that we did the best we could,
But we know that we didn't.
Its gettin' crazy, summers hot, when its freezin'. 
Huricans getting stronger tearin'
Override the system, drugs with some sick kids
You know what we on, we tryna make the fucking hit list
Write a couple songs and live forever in your
all kids vacate
Testy to press me like a can of spray paint
Cause by the time a policeman appears
They'll be cuttin down the bodies I hang like