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from the heavens by the gods of this world. Laughter fills
Glass towers. All is seen by unseen overseers
As boots crush down slowly onto throats.
All you will know is the void of emptiness
By force or the flame 'til reason prevails

When the doubt starts to creep in your mind
And subverts
over what we feel

A common aim: subvert establishment
Blood for your gain is the message being sent
All hope is lost and with no way out
of the U.S.A.

Over 200 years ago they shook off the chains of tyranny from Great Britain By divine call
Citing 27 biblical violations they wrote
to bottom flame, Demo TBA 
Ghost TMR, Easel CUK 
Switchin gears, Lay the One towards the end 
Who could forget the Master of Destruction 
Led by Quik,
refusal to bow out to some abstract curtain
and exist backstage by the sandbags and pulleys
Hell fucking no! I exist to be seen
to see and be seen, to push