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Got money, retarded
Don't want her if it don't clap when she walking
Ain't too pretty in the face, but she super thick
I'm just thinking with my
Automatic bullet flow
Uzi, Calico
Ladies man, Yeah, but to that pussy I'm a bully tho
Beat it, eat it, let it go
Retarded, stupid, silly tho
retarded motherfucker in the whole wide world
Ain’t stupid or dumb enough to fuck with me
If you in say you in, and if you is handle your mutherfuckin’
This pretty red girl said fuck it I'm quitting
Dance till your white big toe start splitting
I'm hood rich, stupid rich, and I ain?t bullshitting
And if it cost a hundred grand it's a supercar
I'm still ballin', 20 still crawlin'
Like retarded kids, my DVD's stallin'
Lakers still callin', but we
of Beverly Beverly
[Lil Bing]
Two joints be smellay in my Cadi
Drivin badly ti Cali
Hastled by federalis
Drippin candy
Sippin brandy
Twenty inches look
should see me swing the jimmy
Don't get me started
I'm golden era, '88 baby highly regarded
I get stupid, dookie, doo-doo, def, dumb, retarded
Like 40 years old, still pickin' average poems

[Young Zee]
And now it's on, ya niggas want to get beat
Just bring that shit around 20th Street
here working and I gotta pay up

Cindy, she not herself unless she smoking crack
7 times she got stabbed in the back
By a regular john she dealt with
at the decisions I make
Twenty seven hundred thousand stupid mistakes
'cause I love fucking up
I thought I can't get no satisfaction was by the Rollins band

They told you your whole career I'd come home and kill you, right? Ha-ha!
I told you I wasn't talkin' about your dumb ass
It looks stupid, you
By the time of age nine I'm already decidin'
If I can protect mommy from the hood by fightin'
Or usin' a knife or a gun when I'm twenty-one
By by
Where are all the stupid people from?
And how did they get to be so dumb, 
Bred on purple mountain range, 
Feed amber waves of grains 
To lesser
the cheddar
I'm making to much I'm getting hated by the tela
I'm making so much I'm getting customized leather
Brand new shoes, twenty-twos and better
So I
Neck looking stupid that's dumb change
See this eyes related to the blood gang
Why let em live it's better to clip him
I always the shooter baby I'm
a stupid-ass jerk
He hopped out his car and walked to the back
Then I drew down with my gat, I said, "Punk, this a jack
Empty your pockets and drop your keys"
cousin got bodied 'cause of a stupid color
My projects is a live set, we shoot at each other
Some niggas is 'bout it, some niggas is scared
But even
know what`s up
So we start looking for the bitches with the big butts
Like her, but she keep crying
"I got a boyfriend", Bitch stop lying
Dumb ass