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Two brothers
The walking dead
Pray for the silence
One shot to the sky
The other held down
By disguise

Sex for an angry man
To whores
And my niggas say 
We want the fame
c'mon (C'mon) 

One thing we all adore 
Something worth dying for 
Nothing but pain 
Stuck in this game
And my n****s say 
We want the fame
c'mon (C'mon) 

One thing we all adore 
Something worth dying for 
Nothing but pain 
Stuck in this game
A beemer is smashed, by a cock diesel
Truck, who says so what, because he's so
Fed up, with seein', the rich just cruisin'
By so fly while he's
the red lipstick stuck and his bleeding mooth
I can't breath

It's so cold, warm me up, feel me up, build me a child
I'm in bloom "boom" into my middle
And a Band Aid's stuck on me

I've got the bathroom bowl blues
I been meanin' to start cleanin' the bathroom
Well, it's the lowdownest, bluest job in
the night before New Year's, and all through the fuckin' projects
Not a handgun was silent, not even a Tec
Outside as I'm stuck, by enemies who put fear
[ VERSE 1 ]
Brothers ain't shit
They're lookin for the next big ass they can stick
But this here chick's not on your dick
Pullin your cars up close
fields of cotton

Sing it for me loud

Sing about the Bullruns

Sing about the day

I shot my brother dressed in blue

While I was dressed in grey

not steal away when love rode by
I did not let myself be unkind
It's so heard to say where love meets lust
I often think I'm losing my mind.

I trade
called my name and passed on by 
Well he came back don't you know 
With his brother six in tow 
And that is how number thirteen wound up by my side.
stuck in the house 
And he churns it up in the house 
In and out round and round side by side they go 
While up and down goes the sound of our families
My older brother was a gi-joe.
Red white and blue from my head to my.

I'm an American boy.
(He has words speeches by Martin Luther
Happiness it hurt like a bullet in the back
Stuck them up drainpipes
By someone who should know better than that

The dog days are over
The dog days are gone
tires rockin' through the sand and burnin' up
Little dune buggy in the sand
Little blue dune buggy in my hand
Okay, I got a rubber band motor hummin'
I'm gonna hunt you up and ask you
If you found out anything new
Or are you a-hangin to the best you had
With the steamboat whistle blues
With sweet oleander blowing perfume in the air
Up jumps the moon to make it that much grander
It's paradise, brother take my advice
Nothing's half
I hear the whole East Coast is socked in
By a strong Northeaster's
And it doesn't look like it's gonna end real soon

You've been stuck up there in
on a portrait of today
And the streets are paved with passers-by
And pictures fly and papers lie
Just waiting to blow away

Woke up big this Chelsea morning
the gingerbread man
Sacrifice mics and push drugs to these rappers
Puff ponies 'til I turn blue in the lips

Sippin' broads like 7 Up, so refreshing
I think I'll
Well I'm a Christian, and you know that's true 
But sometimes things are lookin' blue 
Because, I lose sight, and I fall back 
I start chillin'
and pullin' yards 
Then my crimey got locked up for cookin' the rock up 
Started bouncin' uptown to stuck up, my nigga straight blew the block up 

Fingernail moon up in the sky
Come out and see me
See me some time
Cause I'm here alone (I'm here alone)
Stuck in the blue (stuck in the blue
I would still believe that paradise
Was there with you
Never blue
Stuck like glue
On the avenue
By candlelight
By jewel-light
If only you will stay
Pretty baby, won't you
Wake up, it's a Chelsea morning