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On the radio
Whoa, oh, oh 
On the radio 
Played in shorter version:
If you think that love isn't found on the radio
Well tune right in you made find
This is another hit from Biz Markie
Dedicated to the radio, not he or she
Be-cause it's time for them to get recognized
This is my version
On the limb cut down in the middle of the night caught in a trap
Cursed by the crown of the wandering man who was never coming back
shouldn't try
You have an eye for fashion darling
I'm sitting in my room let the disc go by

So much to live for

Radio daylight, radio darkness
Carbon monoxide
Making me choke
No A.C.
And the radio's broke
Cars backed up
Far as you can see
Seems like I've been waiting here for all
the hit that I've heard for my whole life

Bring back request to radio,
Your favorite song was written but you'll never know
A selection for us to see
was lots of time but it ain't so bad
You know it
Now I'm stuck in Connecticut listening to the radio


She was
You and me, sittin' in the back of my memory
Like a honey bee buzzin' 'round a glass of sweet Chablis
Radio's on, windows rolled up and my mind's
Radio speaker: (not on album version)
Welcome to the radio show: young, free and single!
We got a good show lined up for you, let's have our first
Did you ever hear the story of Aimee McPherson?
Aimee McPherson, that wonderful person,
She weight a hundred eighty and her hair was red
Now whether you come from yard or whether you come from London
Wanna hear this one on your radio station
Conscious lyrics have to reach number one
"I guess you could call this annihilator's version of 'detroit rock city' meets 'highway star' meets drinking and driving! thousands of people are
Linked to the world by a payphone
stuck between galaxies
I finally fell in the black hole
between your sentences

Circling over the airport
on the interstate
I think finally found a note to make you understand
If you can hear it, sing along and take me by the hands
Keep it stuck inside your head, like
You've got the words to change a nation but you're biting your tongue
You've spent a lifetime stuck in silence afraid you'll say something wrong
like to meet you
Who do you see?

Introduce yourself to whichever of me is nearby
Close behind your eyes you're laughing at me
And I'm stuck with no
and never dine alone, meanwhile back at sea level it was home by home zone for zone, bloom county's homeless riot for home ownership, I hope you put gas in
and space surrounding. 
Bending the light that fell my way. 
Stuck at the edge of the galaxy, 
Whose radio waves they signal so faint. 

Lost child
think my times were free
All the ways you say to me
Sweet versions of lets wait and see

But you're always a golden boy
And I'm the girl that you enjoy
Freaky freak like it's the 80s
Fuckin' explicit, radio prolly say we
Should tone it down with the clean version
Dirty but in public you're like teen
Mary Anne, do you remember
The tree by the river
When we were seventeen?

Dark canyon wall, the call and the answer
And the mare in the pasture
thing, prepare kid
Why you think I let you get away with doing radio-friendly versions of what I do?
I wouldn’t chide you, out perform, out write,
like to meet you
Who do you see?

Introduce yourself to whichever of me is nearby
Close behind your eyes you're laughing at me
And I'm stuck with no
Jean Michel
Surrounded by Warhols
My whole team ball
Twin Bugattis outside the Art Basel
I just wanna live life colossal
Leonardo Da Vinci flows
to make you understand
I'd sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hand

Just keep it stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my