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I would still believe that paradise
Was there with you
Never blue
Stuck like glue
On the avenue
Changes are treason through shallow eyes

Our heroes suck
Our leaders suck
They're going to china
Like the kgb

Western hemisphere is stuck
by her side like glue
She's give him perfect eyes smiled at him every time and when she spoke it was the truth
Now it's been twenty days sleepless
paints her lips and does her lashes.
Stunning as a taxidermy victim in a silver cage.

I'm arrested by an aria brought from the country.
Stuck in dumb
as Tonka now I got one

I got connections, huh, huh, no question, huh
I got connections; I get that ass stuck like glue
I got connections, huh,
you with my wang
Ya know what I'm saying?
I stuck her with my wang
She hit me in the balls
I grabbed her by her neck
And I bounced her off the walls
rather just float

So I won't stick to you like glue
I will drift by you just like smoke
I'll leave you nothing but some dirty laundry
Nothing but a little
in the car

I often wonder what it feels like to be you
A mess like this stuck on your hands with Krazy Glue 
Ran outta time no kiss goodbye
be going through that how lovers do still were together stuck like 
Crazy glue if ever thoguht that we never part I might as well give up on love
been stuck with glue
Well if you'll be my enemy I'll be your enemy too
Now I've got goons on my landing thieves on my trail
Nazis on my telephone
One of these days you'll get away from London town
Causing chaos and delay on the underground
I'll read your letter as I pass away the time
of glue,
Pretty soon I spin like a top, In the middle of the room
And the shit won't stop!
Now What I see when I triiiiippppp.......
The rats in the basement
to ya' like glue
And it seems very effort is destined to fail
You'll be surprised how you shit you can take
Before you give it in and you start to break
could you be mine? 

And tell me so whatcha think? 
Guess its time we swim or sink what can I say? 
I'm stuck like glue tell me 
What I mean to you
This place is growing old,
Weathering, aging.
Seasons flicker by.
It gives the theatre light to show a film, the memoir of a boy.

girl stuck to me just like some glue

All these diamonds ain't nobody cold as us
Literally I'm cold as fuck
I need Canadian Goose
I need to get
I'm going nowhere
Oh babe, I'm macaroni stuck in glue
There must be gum on this shoe
I can't move

Oh girl when you walk like that, talk like that,
are spies
But then long time crew stuck like glue
You never let me down always came through
Always kept the flow even when you didn't know
Don't ask
are spies
But then long time crew stuck like glue
You never let me down always came through
Always kept the flow even when you didn't know
Don't ask
move or ya might get it stuck so fucking far in your uvula
You ain't gonna know what he was tryna do to ya gluteus
Totally tubular sniffing glue
study wrong'
All aboard the train so come along
Cos we keep the glue stuck against the bone
It's alright ain't no room for wrong
Doggyland is
what we do
Panamera Porsche's me and you
Stuck to your side li, li, like glue
Be by your side boy, whatever your goin' through

We were high (til when
"None of that's true" 
We do it not you 
That' why I got you 
Stuck on 
To my style like glue! 
The crew 
Definitely is back again
be lost in lust
You gotta keep your faith
Cause I'm your soul mate
It will always be me and you
Cause you know that I'm stuck to you like glue
a run battery
Gal de all over mi house since a Mackrey
Drink me like a strawberry daquiri 

It go so den
Whoa, a pure pretty gal we need
No bother