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will be in stores now 
or in stores right after this or sometime close around this
Go get the project pat album that's in stores right now
Cooked by
off your shoulders

(Project Pat)
Mister murderer robbers
Niggas with some charges
You fake mothafuckas
We gonna finish what you started
Yo heart is
Now youse a killa
So pull the trigger so
We can let the dice roll
Dem hollow tips in yo' shit'll leave a nice hole
It's Project Pat on the track
[project pat]
1 - walked up to your house
Knocked on your door and blast
Kickin' down your fuckin' shit
Then snatchin' up the mass
This is personal
[Project Pat] (talkin)
Hello, hello, hello?

[Boogelou] (talkin)
Pat, what's up man, what's up?

[Project Pat] (talkin)
Boogelou, what's up man?
a dollar
I don't want to go t county jail no more more more

(Project Pat)
Where is Project? Where is Project?
Here I go here I go
Suckas want to take me
red Rum! (x4)

[Project Pat]
A .44 bullet shell took my niggas life
Triggers pulled by some young niggas on that white
He used to fuck with them boys
nigga rocking reptiles
I'm whooping on this beat like a step child
Big ring on and a charm to match
Ya my role model was Project Pat
Life is too
nigga rocking reptiles
I'm whooping on this beat like a step child
Big ring on and a charm to match
Ya my role model was Project Pat
Life is too
Supreme comes to give his boy a pat and a pound, put his hoodie on the couch, his Timberlands up on the chair so his bitch can bring him a beer. So, this is
and turn to money
The green ill leafs, the evil roots and the seed is greed, paint enemy
Like time the streets is calling me to feed

Chorus x8

and winning Oscars

Yeah, 365 Mafia, Project Pat, Lyfe Jennings
If you can believe, you can achieve every damn bug
'Round us a good day, yeah

Seventeen years
To your blood wedding 
And the Ukrainian ladies 
Light candles in the street 
Where his body lay bleeding 
And the projects are silent
Bracing for
my hand bricka?
Project Pat-ter
Attracted to dime pieces
I'm dirty southern
French braids, gold teeth-a
I'm out here makin' sense
Plus, I'm out here
could make a young lady scream 
By makin' musical sounds with my mounth(listen) 
So I tried it at a party 
And people didn't know it was me 
And when
Yeah, N.Y.M.P. the realest, uhh
This is educated thug music, niggaz

Life's a battle, mean streets eat you alive
Blocks'll have you, tryin'
condos, collecting cars
Picture your life elevating with me
Make you my project celebrity I keep your name hot in them streets
That little glimpse
a hit
Or grab my pistol grip and take care my business
Cause they don't know who they fuckin' with
Call my nigga Project Pat cause I know he got my
Project Pat to fall but the money piles
*** know I'm off the chain, wild as a child
There ain't no need to ask, gangsta's my style

Kept my street
All over, worldwide
Shake them thighs for them hots
For all my niggas on every street corner
That's right, love y'all niggas

[1 - T$] This is for
nigga's Dee and Blue
Project Pat, ya'll know what to do
Creep through dem streets,
Wit dem thangs, blast on any fools
Tear da club up thugs, in this
a call, and maybe we'll hang out next week."
I pat him on the shoulder, say, "Thanks for stoppin' by."
Then I opened up the door and said, "Take care,
Stackin' me some grip, playa can ya dig?

Project Pat a nigga that's down for his crown man
If your ass step I'ma be downtown man
4th floor bound man that's

Still on your block with it
Street ball and the black top with it
Ballin' war to the crackpot, crackpot with it
Gat cop with it, white-T black
hide your bait
Cause all my heat stay dirty like a project vent
Whoa, on the lowdown bring the hook it's about to go down, ladies!!!!

If you