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ever could except maybe the Jack of Hearts

Rosemary started drinkin' hard and seein' her reflection in the knife
She was tired of the attention, tired
wrong was his wife. 

You talk about beauty when we first met 
She was all a man could desire 
Talk about love one night with her 
Would set your
to a stranger and he asked him with a grin
"Could you kindly tell me friend what time the show begins?"
Then he moved into the corner face down like the Jack
to Jack Daniels
You get on it and you're on it for the rest of your life
[ fiddle ]
There's a story in the paper about a man who killed his family
to a stranger and he asked him with a grin
"Could you kindly tell me, friend, what time the show begins?"
Then he moved into the corner, face down like the Jack
long friend
An old man now by trade
I figured it's how he had help me out
With his fortune he had made

I said, 'Old pal, I need your help
I hate
the day that Kirk Jones got caught
The forensic report states there was a gun in the car 
And gunpowder residue on Mr. Jones' right arm 
Baliff, could
to credibility
Hundred proof the vocal booth, a moonshine distillery
Jack you like Daniels, hourglass sand granules
Hand-to-hand combat, man killed by animal
Man, these dick-in-the-butt rappers could get shot in the face 
Dragged through the streets and probably left some place 
I seem shootouts in the park
lit up the green stuff in his cigar
And took hits one by one

Now I got to thinking who this cat could be
And what the hell is- going on
Well I turned
knew how prison living could drive a man to shame.
He had no need of pistols in a solitary cell
But a word of trust would help him just as well

But paul
and everybody knew his name
He made his living singing high low jack and a game

It was in the month of December on a cold and rainy night
Stagger Lee and Billy
[Ghostface Killah]
I think it happened on a Saturday
I heard the phone ring, ding, ding
Who this? 'Vine yo..
Wise guy killed last night by
get along with T Jones, so he rolled jack
I was on Prozac before I was 12
Spent my senior year in high school, sittin' in jail

To no avail, I was
about the would and when's?
If's, maybe's, could-have-been's? You didn't know shit about me, man
You didn't go to school in the clothes that I had to wear
Collipark, hannnh 
Chea! Yoh! 
Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones Jones! 
Holluh atchu boi baby, you killed it on this one man
Lou Ferrigno,
Made by the Nero, look like a zero,
Shine the spotlight, this is my night,
Get your cameras ready, let it rain confetti,
Maybach deniro, look like a zero
Shine the spotlight, this is my night
Get your cameras ready, let it rain confetti
I'm a champion, I do what can't
She married Kurt Cobain and had a troubled soul
Some people said she killed him, but that could be a lie
Kurt wrote a song called “I Hate Myself
Coming to you live from Newark  New Jersey] 

[Hey Redman would you roll that blunt and get me fucked up] 
Fucked up [all night] all night
Back turned up against the wall

And now I can barely see
Strangers in the back of my skull
And I've been shivering all night long
Yes, my skin is
and he's a cool guy 
And you'll really need him, I mean need to really get to know him 
Ladies and gentleman, from all houses, to all towns 
the springtime
I never seen Frank again
'Cept one rainy night he blew by me on grainer
Shouted my name and disappeared in the rain and the wind

They found
Jack feeds on the birds of night
Not even bubbies bicycling (two-by-two) can stop the blood and feathers flying

(Who got shot tonight?)
(Who got shot
But not near as good

As flyin' down a back road
With some buddies from back home
A splash of Jack in my Coke
Catchin' bream on a Zebco
Spottin' deer in