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Time and distance
Placed before thee
Hope and beauty
Have we duties
As to what each moment's given for

Stars have made us wonder
in blue, unravaged by time
Beauty undimmed and through your pale skin
The beauty within

So you beat the child
Sent him away
Beauty defiled
Child of the oceans I am, walking on the waves
Stirring the pools, I silence and calm the tides to a glaze
Touched by a vision of love, her beauty
There's a child who dies by hunger
There's a child who dies in war
And the need of help gets stronger
There's so much we can't ignore

Perfect in beauty, knowledge and wisdom

"You were the seal of all perfection
And you defiled your sanctuaries
By the multitude of your iniquities."
not, fade away


I guess by now, you know my story

Don't neglect, a love that's true

For it may prove to be, the sweetest flower

That will
you're not alone
Sweet child of innocence
Are you drowning in your tears?
The time has come for you my friend
Don't hide from evil made by your own
boy and girl
Cause you are the cream of the planet earth
The new birth, now take that for what it's worth
And give the child room, to blossom and bloom
the rose in your garden
Show it your love every day
It will bloom for you in all its beauty
And it will not fade away

I guess by now you know my story
the inncocent child that I use to be
it stripped me mentally naked
embarrassing my mommas first born
did I deserve that kind of fate?
Was all that was happening
does she want
To die

When I hear these
Failure and destiny are
So linked
I stand frozen by her
Petrified like those who
Saw Medusa
forsaken kingdom
with beauty and love gone
Still I must call it my home
secrets of unkind destiny
the echoes in these halls
the echoes in these halls
[Music by Arkadius, Marcel, Lars; Lyric by Marcel]

"Shades'll grow stronger"
A dark voice calls
Out of the past

Minds too weak
To with
Enthralled, abducted and alone
Stricken by fear, awaiting the deathbells toll
The rebellious angel, recalled, the story has been
Ink idle without a poem
All the world dead without stories
Without love and disarming beauty

Careless realism costs souls

Ever seen the Lord
And a wish came to me like Peter Pan at my window and said
Evolve your destiny child and you'll never walk alone-no
You'll never walk alone, but
slumber seems to take,
And would not, for the world awake. 
All Beauty sleeps!-and lo! where lies
Irene, with her Destinies! 

O, lady bright! can it
Similar to death in the cradle
Fifteen year old girl killed in a car accident
Two Hispanic boys shot in a drive-by shooting
Three people
He is the people's post and all the people know it
They've read his published stories in public lavatories
In town and country locals he's Mr.
shoot the breeze with the roots of trees. 

Or go down by the river, watch the way the devil danced,
But never took his hand even though I did have
Saw a story on the local news last night
About one more struggling single mother
She was talking about how hard it is getting by
With no help, no
Saw a story on the local news last night
About one more struggling single mother
She was talking about how hard it is getting by
With no help, no
to splinters 
In a winter wasteland
Icicle-bound barren township
Call barren moon childs and proud gimps to clinch this chemical war pig
Delinquent sinkin'
holding her close as she drenches his chest with rivers of fear
a single tear sprints down his cheek, his knees become weak
he thinks, "here I sit, a child
the thoughts of a child her arrival
Into womanhood was heemed up by her survival
Now she 25, barely grown out her own
Doin' whatever it takes strippin', workin'