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day, myspace made history
Hooked up with big homie on the west
Introducing Sean Kingston
You think you really know?
But you have no idea
[Sean Paul]
All you need to know is the vibe round' here we built and instill it
Sean Paul alongside
Fabolous, you done know we bust
Telling them

Here I am, Miss Badu
Not Big Sean, but I don't fuck with you
Shall I go or shall I come?
Live from Badubutron, Nubian Phenomenon
Drake, J Coles, and Big Seans
Time for the world to pay homage
Bow to the rap Gods or them K's vomit
Fuck you know about Dipset you little dipshit
If you
But the land was already claimed by a people
When the cowboy came and when the soldiers came
The story of the American Indian is in a lot of ways
gotta do is tell me that you goin' be down tonight


[Verse 3: Sean Paul]
Strip club shorty
Big boy bought it
Had to holla at her
(I make big money I drive big cars everybody know me
I make big money I drive big cars everybody know m
I make big money I drive big cars everybody
Call up the rest of the crew
I'll see you there

[Big Azz Ko]
Yo, I got the call from Sean he out in Milan
Went to get the package, got there it was
Crips they ya
Yuh a never get gal make money by the hour
Red (red) Power they ya Green (green) Shower they ya
Them green with envy when mi roll mi
Chorus: Ring a ring a rosie,
as the light declines,
I remember Dublin city
in the rare old times.

Raised on songs and stories,
brought him to this prison on that old Big River Train
We became the best of buddies side by side through thick and thin
Then one night he told his story
Caught by many, broke two fuckin' arms, son, engage for bail
Beat the case, got my big gauge, back as well

With rap, you can sing such amazing tales,
Have you ever heard the story of the pride of Little Big Horn
Right from the lips of someone that saw
Well I was there on that cold and fateful
And change yo plans
It's the numbers on your phone
And numbers on your cell

Verse 2 Juicy J
I ain't messed up by messin crooked cowards
Wit a nigga name
Pete & Sean just scorned
Just like they scorned Robert
But I secretly loved the big guy
He dressed like Sherlock Holmes

And he fixed us with
Renegade never been afraid MC's get it too
The moral of the story is this
I used to say get off but this time
Suck my dick!
I'm from BK home of Big
times we pull together
That's what a family's for

Hey, there ain’t no big deal
It's written in our history
We're all part of the story of an American
Crips they ya
Yuh a never get gal make money by the hour
Red (RED) Power they ya Green (green) Shower they ya
Them green with envy when mi roll mi
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by The Black Album I was blacking out
Party at S.O.B's and we had packed the crowd
Big brother got his show up in Madison Square
And I'm like yea, yea
Greatest of all Big's and greatest of all Sean's
Sipping on shh older than me
The warmer the weather the colder the drink
The colder the weather
even got to ask
Cause I'mma drink it all like, like its my last
She a seven in the face, but a ten in the ass
She even look better by the end of my
What can I say?
When you think you've had enough,
And there's no more game to play

If you're feelin' life just passed you by
I've told you almost every bedtime story
And you've heard almost every nursery rhyme
So tonight before you'll go to sleep and pray the Lord your
had big dreams
(Always had big dreams)
want to be a superstar
Said that I was touched by God
Now I can tell the world all about

My life, my heart