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get em
Let me get em
Nah shootout ayye, nah shootout ayyee, nah shootout ayyee, nah shootout ayyee

(soulja boy tell em)

[verse 1:]
(I leann)
Soulja boy tell em
Mindless behavior (i leannn)
Watch me watch me
Aye aye
(I leann) watch me do it
(I leannn) soulja boy tell em
this thang,
Check my chain,
Club got crunk when they heard
That your boy came

I crank that Robocop
And make my shoulders drop
This snap(?) go by
runs it
Nigga my heart beat slow & pump blood
Souljas been around wit before they had thugs
I'm gonna give it 2 ya raw I'm gon' tell it like it is
let me work it/ I put by thing down flip it and reverse it/It???s your fremme neppa venette/It???s your fremme neppa venette??? 

Soulja Boy ???
only time will tell, but until then I'll be stackin' my mail
by album album sells, Magnolia wear dwells
I love them bricks, I love the ghetto hoes
or get up n' take em' out n spit cane wit it
Well the answer is right before your eyes
Who do you despise?
Killers who chop you we got to stop you pop
Artist: Hot Boys
Album: Let 'Em Burn
Song: Down Here
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(y'kno about the Hot Boys nigga, why'kno about the Hot
[Soulja Boy]
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, This the remix
V.I.C. You already know what it is man
It's ya folk Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
Checkin' in everything
stop for group hoes

Oh no, I don't scoop those, fly bitches salute those
Fatties with benefits, you know I recruit those
This a Soulja Slim T-shirt,
going down boy too bad fuck ya, sorry for ya
Listen let's not to get shook, but I ain't the one to come lookin'
Cause all I can tell the police is, I am
hit her with the young dick and make that bitch suicidal...

[Lil Wayne:]
Nigga please, would you tell yo sister, babymama, wife, stop callin me I'm
Readin' Pimp 
Playa-istic shit 
By dino boys 
Tryin' to get these hoes for every nook & cranny 
And make 'em join 
The winning team 
Ain't nothin'
to sell em instantly (instantly)
One look, you could tell it was the pimp in me (pimp in me)
In eighty-nine, I went on tour with Eazy-E (Eazy-E)
A bunch
nineteen-eighty, through eighty-eight
I Don't Stop Rappin like my first tapes
When I was broke, I used to sell em instantly (instantly)
One look, you could tell it
then the rhythm'll makin the clock spin blackwards
The funk of the rhythm'll snap, crackle and pop, then flow, oh 
I'm makin em follow the path of a God
no misses, that's for the married folk
Tell 'em fix my suite up cause I'm comin' home
I heard they talkin' crazy, I was out of town
You know they love
Daddy daddy tell me a story of how you took out that wack mc
No daddy, tell them how you beat down that bootlegger
Daddy daddy tell us a story!

the great mc
Then I throw em I lean and mean record to spark
So I can school that ass just like Joe Clark
Next I translated, my rap is more educated
, you can't stop 'em,
I go by them goon rules
If you can't beat 'em then you pop 'em,
You can't man em then you mop 'em,
You can't stand em then you drop
You know how I'm coming (uh huh)
You know exactly how I'm coming
(I'm telling you) It don't stop
Shit don't stop

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
My jacket
I'm so reckless with my message I don't care tho, call me a weirdo, but I'm an heirloom
And if I say it, then I mean what I say, boy I live for
hurt murked put 'em in the dirt
Boy you better catch me first
So you finally get hurt murked put 'em in the dirt
Boy you better catch me first
So you
steps dog
Trying to motivate
All of my strong single moms
Baby daddies in prison
The kids tell you they miss 'em
They keep sending you pictures
Drive-by ting
Aim for your head and convert 'em with your hard-top
Your leg's sick, your heart stops
That's the end case, nah dawg
Not me, not there, not