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your eyes
Your intact world will be destroyed
My short breath is by your side

There's nothing I can do
To stop me now

Wanted dead
The final
the place.
Too Short, baby, all in your face.
I rap so hard, ­you can't stop me.
My last album sold a million copies.
Me and the maestro, laying the beat.
on 'cause if you stop
Your story ends

Deep in there, what will be found?
The smell is a stench never felt by man, before
It's too calm to be real
My zodiac sign is a Taurus the bull.
I drink Old English, and I do get full.
If you're wondering why I don't stop my rap, 
'Cause other MC's
from Palmdale to L.A
They got beef wit me homie up until this day
To make a long story short I stepped out the tub
Walked around the corner