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man's deal)
And I feel hopelessly weighed down by your eyes of steel (your eyes of steel)
Well it's a world gone crazy
Keeps woman in chains

Oh oh
Fly, fly by my window,
Flyin' so free, yeah.

Yes, they fly, fly by my window.
Yes, those bright diamonds a-once were stone,
Rollin' down a silver
I can't see your face anymore
Through our broken past
I can't feel your pain anymore
I am free at last

this love is lost like a distant sun
the white sun has shown 
And I slip away
Down by the water
And I slip away
Down by the sea
Take love and give love
It's got to be free 

The old man
can run to,
No more friends where you can hide,
You've played around so many times,
Got nobody by your side.
Heart of stone
Heart of stone, that's
Desperation on your own 
Let the kindred spirits go 
Keep on building, stone on stone 
Never fail, never doubt 
Stands alone, stone on stone 
Yeah, we're running after You

Like a rolling stone, like a runaway train
No turning back, no more yesterdays
My heart is free, no chains on me
God, You

This documentary's lost on me
Satirical news, free energy
Mobile lifestyle, loveless sex
Independence, happiness

Oh, and no one ever knows
Like an hawk-eyed eagle, we're cruising on our raid
Our dogged pride will never fade
Born free we're still sailing the seven stormy seas
No one
you leave
But by far the biggest curse of being left alone
Is draggin' around a heart that's heavy as a sack full of stones

Well I tried turning
of change you can move the stone
By the hands of love you must free the soul
To live forever with a heart of gold

With a mind of steel, but a heart
Maybe I'd see much better by closing my eyes
And I would shed this grownup skin I'm in
To touch an angel's wing and I would be free, free, free
I look for miles over the open seas
This world ain't as pretty as it was
Hypnotized by the rays of the earthly dreams
Going through the motions
As a black night fast approaches dawn
We gather in mist by the gnomon
As the stones are struck by the suns first rays
We feel the Earthpower in
in the land of the free
A wiggle and a walk away from womanhood

Now they call her the cat 
And that's a stone fact
They took a little of this
will always be this way
Paint the lines in gray

So, I think about nearly nothing else, still I'm on my own
Staying in ain't chic when you've got no home
Manchurian candidate
I have sinned by just makin' my mind up
And takin' your breath away

I've felt the hate rise up in me
Kneel down and clear the stone
I've felt the hate rise up in me
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves
I wonder out where you can't see
Inside my shell, I wait and bleed

You ask me why
We cannot make love
I have been ransacking you
For the answer

Side by side we lay
Not touching
Listening to rain falling
Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free
Dizzy with eternity.
Paint it with a skin of sky, brush in some clouds and sea
Call it
I'll take the position 
Assume the missionary part 
You work by committee  
You had me pegged from the start. 
I'll be pounce pony  
Wide is the line
Separates the rivers from the dirt
All the while I wonder who's the one

Within the one and only eye (we all stood cut free)
a tapestry of what will come 

You point to the sea
I see
What seems to be so free
Bound by
Empty sky
On a tower of gray earth
Far above
Inch by inch, row by row
Gonna make this garden grow
All it takes is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground
Inch by inch, row by row
the Son sets free
Oh is free indeed

See the stone is rolled away
Behold the empty tomb
Hallelujah God be praised
He's risen from the grave