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The sun goes down [4]

She tries her best ... to leave him
But she's still captured ... by his spell
She knows now ... she must decieve him
He knows
(S. Phillips, P. Tomek)
Hunger moon shining on a field of snow
There's ice above but a fire down below
Out of the north a cold wind moans
And I'm
our house? Well how can I explain
When my little boy and girl ask me 'Daddy, what's a train?'

Words and Music by Bruce â??U. Utahâ?? Phillips
Ya'll know me, the still same OG, young T-Y-G
Hated on by most these niggas
But I still keep shittin' on niggas lowkey
I don't fuck with you
Niggaz are barely a village
I spit with a foul mouth like Terrance & Phillip
A man or gorilla (ahh ahh) my cap toot back like Fred
So white bitches jump
like Terrance & Phillip
A man or gorilla my cap toot back like Fred
So white bitches jump on my "Limp Bizkit" and yell
"You niggas know you can't fuck
Phillip AK Dickin' you
With clips in the bottom, we dippin' from Gotham
Yes eclipsed by the shadows, a dark dance to the coffin
I'm a fellow with melanin,
the sixty-nine
And so I climb, up through, to the, top of the pile
But see I'm not standing on Gomer
I hit a homer, and I got jumped by The Simpsons
and your son, sipping a forty
Nobody can hold me, I does it all by my lonely
I stomp your head when you awake, you be looking like Gumby
killed by a cop that thought negative
Shot in the back like a victim of Jesse James
Tell them his motherf***ing name!
Phillip Pernell, murdered by

The following are excerpts from handwritten notes discovered secreted in a hidden alcove in the west wing of the Phillips-Ervin Museum,
Headed ruffneck, Tame don't give a fuck yet 
I jump up the funk to smoke the blunt that's like a tree trunk 
I get blitt, to rip shit, still piss
and break down a pack
1A the hood, land all them shottas out of town
Went 'Dam for the plug, now we the opposite of down
Uh, tryna leave a nigga's head by
the envelope and I still give that for the kids
Mind, soul and spirit
Concious because I'm near it
The whisper is the mirror to all my merit's
So fuck you if
Lyrically acidic when I spit it, making mics melt

I should change my name to phillip cause I'm screwing you up
Like chicks with tongue