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a real nigga out of Ft.Myers 
I got principles nigga dats what I live by
Ain't had rap feature and I'm still alive 
Not 1 my 3rd album, is you surprised?
the Illuminati stripped us of Bohemian growth
Burning 3rd degree free masons of old the American Chapter, "the skull and bones"
The matrix sign of the sacred
haters hating
I'm 3rd degree say I'm to gutta homie 4 T.V.
I'm who these white folks don't want they kids 2 see
But I'm the new owners of these fucking
confused about a lot of things, but not with my fate
So I'm depending on your holy ghost to guide me the way
See I'm a sinner in the 3rd degree
Ain't afraid
Man, I'm like the Feds, I bring down your establishment
Under the Rico, I purchased my 3rd quarterly from Bob Cito
Got your block locked like
guts when shit gets real
Blood spills on tha curbs of dat 3rd
Killa connection train to serv, Magnolia niggas words
Why's dat? they say uptown's a cut
the trick on me, hooked him in the first degree
While I could not recall which Dalian imported
By the wrecks of 50,000 on the pinball machine

If we only
On the 3rd planet east of Plutonia
From the poppy an extraction
Called Criddacktonite
Conceived as a weapon backed by the Supremacy
Bringin down your friends, bringin down the race
will have your life in a wreck
And homeboy life is cause and effect

You`re still playin games lame,
gravity cannot be escaped
Centrifugal force pulls you to the parallel bounds
A manifested thought that cannot be followed by sound
My physical is bound
two still wack on the court
So I stalked New York with a black pitchfork
My style date back to ninety-watt
cuttin the box, while I be clocks with no
to vocabulary
My personal soliloquies be killin me softly
still I be packin artillery, y'all feelin me yet?
Props don't stop HERE nigga
I knock MC's out

On the outskirts, of what works
Live those who go for broke, and merk to get merked
Live by the sword and die by the semi
Not part of my ways,
A different caliber of MC
This track is filthy, word to o.j., you make me feel guilty
Of first degree sound boy murder
Unlike anything out of l.a.
A different caliber of mc
This track is filthy, word to o.j., you make me feel guilty
Of first degree soundbwoy murder
Unlike anything
the same picket white fence
I got dreams of barbed wire in front of factories pa
Still push the truck with the factories pa
I'm bound to wreck the whip
and be complete

Huh, lovin' the wreck in effect, will be all in checkmate
Another style for Praswell to translate
For those who can't relate
watchin' her drivin' by, in her new whip so fly
Wish she could sing me a lullaby, to scoop her I've got to try
In her eyes, there's a flame that burns right
then she gets plenty more, uhh 

{repeat Chorus One} 
Watchin her drivin by, in her new whip so fly 
Wish she could sing me a lullaby,
Yo, you fuckin' hate me, you fuckin' lock me in the basement
And you still want me to protect you - it doesn't make sense
Can-I-Bitch. I