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creditors and councilors
In armor bright, the merchant men

Official moments of the guild
In poses keen from bygone days
The city fathers frozen there
Danja and the Clutch
I miss you girl
I miss you girl
I'm gonna make you my official girl

Listen, today makes it a year
Don't you think it's time
Swallow line by line
The script fed
From official sources
Experts without knowledge
Take the stand

Deflect attention from the questions
Now on this table I will lay, this gun â??Exhibit Aâ?? with two sets of fingerprints as you can see
But other hands were here unperceived by eye or ear
I was lost
For so long
Feels like it's taken
Half my life
To find
Where I belong

Seeing you here
You're my nation
This is my
This is my mother fucking house, eh I'm by the front door
Here about a blond haired bitch name Sisco
She'll do anything for daddy man the bitch go
the war starts
I’m still out here dog I got war scars
You know me I’m from the bottom where the floor starts
When you're street smart, money's your report
Don't bother to call this room
There's nobody here who can pick up
Or has stuff they need to talk about
And who won't be now
Checking out
Composer was shook
I took your bad looks for joke get your back broke
Deep throat this murder I wrote
The antidote be seekin' like a buried treasure
By every
federal cases with legal aids
The unlit stage tonight performing lime desires to eat
Can get you in a 8 by 5, the corner's younger
I smell feel touch
Cottonhead, cottonhead
I say I will not
Go to Sobercity I won't
Curtailed times, 
Once all the best was mine
Tipp City, I'm still here

Four-four, and fifty-four draw
As my pilot, steers my Leer
Yes my dear shit's official, only the Feds I fear
Here's a tissue, stop your blood
Any act, unaccordingly wait, gimme that
So core tight it was house
Complicated in death
Me and my killas still here
And yo ass is out
We up out
that I got soaked by
Now you can come closer, you can get warm but you get no pie
But you can sell it for em so here’s you bow tie
Now get ready
Time out clock now running

Human lemmings crowded hoard
Ever faster to the shore
Ever closing zero ground
Official timer clock is wound

Time out

I ride through the ghetto windows down halfway 
Halfway out of my mind music on 9 blasting Donny Hathaway 
Me and my niggas spending
fit raps articulate
You get your whole skeleton cracked somethin ridiculous
Still facinated by my ste
Little P wanna be me, huh you no D

One time
to reign
From here forward, still noid
So crib got clear doors
Burning grains in my air force
And all I can see is clear ports

Since Rocky spit like
Yeah I choke up and get blazed
Eyes closed up and get glazed
I'll blow some in your face
But you ain't hitting nothin'
If I'm in here I gotta smoke
[Chorus: (?)] X 2 

Why not? 

Makin moves and gettin money with my team 

We them ghetto starz 

This here is far from a dream 

Official Nas,
Little heroes, go down
The drain day by day
Future leaders they go down
The drains day by day
They cry so loud yeah
But the whole world
Is not
crew to be
Soon to see how us official niggaz get down
Ask around kid it's on when we get down
The rap roads still doin rap shows
Brava counterfeit hit
What we've got here is failure to communicate.
Some men you just can't reach
So, you get what we had here last week,
Which is the way he wants it!
[ Bushwick Bill ]
We're here to talk about those who
Are considered to be an elected official
Who said it was official that when they was elected
phenomenon two
Who's the man?
Like I said, this here, is official

Back in the day I used to punch clocks now I'm drippin' props
And countin' loot,