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And if they live to be a hundred and one
They're still gonna die young

Let the world turn
Let the years drift by 
The fire will burn 
gonna die
Our American home was clean till you came
And kids still respected the president's name

And the eagle still flew in the sky
Hearts filled with

Don't let the fire die
The flame has been dimmed by the tears that you've cried
But I can still see the spark of His love in your eyes

And I'm not
Hundreds more continue
When why'know that you are all creation
You're gonna fight 'em with all that's in you

I remember time gone by
When peace
Here come mister rattle shakin´ bones

Some might take their chances
For the reaper to pass by
I don´t know that dance I want another day to die

Gonna close my door
Gonna shut all the lights
Want to be alone
With you at my side
Tell me all those things
That I long to hear
In that still
Long, long ago, where the tall grass grows
And the still air is sweet with summer flowers;
In the shade by the stream I would lie awake and dream,
And sealed their fate

'Cause if your gonna die, die for what you believe in
There' s more to this world than meets the eye

The riders are
move me like You do
I love being loved by You
I love being loved by You

So take me deeper still
Where Your mysteries are revealed
And I see You
a little bit older now
The lessons that I'm learnin' now
Gonna make it easy

By the time I die with the passing
If I've sorted out my changes
And if
And we still play the game
And the fire will always burn you
And we still light the flame
Lets make it up baby
Cause I ain't gonna fight
If you're
The choice is yours and I can give you that
And you still want to get high
Get high push your luck to the limit
You're gonna die high
Get high if you think you
still survive with no pain
And id lose if it went away
Just how do I begin to explain..
By the way, your way or my way, its OK, 'cause either way you

When I find myself by the sea, in another's company by the sea
When I go out the pier, gonna die and have no fear
Because you, you just know,
In the Devil's playground
With an Idol mind
Straight up, ready to go
Announce the time

Does he still have the magic?
Yes he does
He'll be
There is a land I know,
Where lovers go, and flowers grow,
Forever more.
Where time is standing still,
And lovers fill the quiet places,
the dawn the city seems to sigh
And the hungry hear their children cry
People watch the time go by
They do their jobs and live and die
And in their
Put the pieces back together
Even as I cry bitter tears
I can see it's all a puzzle
A game
Always the same

By the time I die with
Tell me how do you sleep at night

I won't behave, sit quietly by while you take
Everything that I keep inside of me
I won't be still, Oh no, not I
he will help us maybe we'll get by 
But who's gonna pay the dyin' bills if we all should die 
We'll leave it to the man in the sky when we die 
a ring 
Others sat by the brim 
Tonight high-q site 
Want these innocent 
And the big bang 
Big bang, big bang 
Die like a butterfly
on the hill

Maybe he will help us
Maybe we'll get by
But who's gonna pay the dyin' bills
If we all should die

We'll leave it to the man
In the sky
Cast me into darkness and rob me of all prosperity
Turn myself against myself
Try and recreate me
Are you obsessed with possession or possessed by
I just got hit by a ton of bricks
But I won't lie down
While I'm alive I'm gonna get my kicks
I won't lie down
I'm old and dirty from the wrong side
people die
We're just tryin to get by
Tell em meet me at the crossroads
If your the good or the bad
If you gotta choose now
We gonna make it some how