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a stiff upper lip who'll be knowin' tomorrow 
What he shoulda' been sayin' tonight! 

Wontcha' tell me what's a nice boy like me
impotent, sterile, naive, blind
Aatheist, sadist, stiff-upper lip
First principle of her silence, of her silence
P.C.P. - a P.C. police victory
P.C.P. -
on cutting

But while you happen to be here
Why don't you whisper all those sweet forevers in my ear?
Stiff upper lip in all this sorrow, hurry up and stick it
the fumes of our dreams, 
At another point in my life, that was good enough for me. 

They leave, it hurts, if you see it coming, it's worse. 
Stiff upper
like the dogs 
That they are, the cogs under the hood of your Mercedes car
They will pay for your trip to the stiff upper lip
You're a man