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Of wimpish amusement,
Replaced by a rash
Of 'creative' confusement!
Soon, my brave zombies,
You'll make your return!
Broadway will glow!
Broadway will burn!
Are silly all the same
They'll smile and scrabble slowly by
And drive you so insane
Sticks and stones will break your bones
They seldom let you
you loved it, said you'd keep it,
Forever, Stones,
One by one, they mark our passage,
Along this winding road we're on,

With each turn we take
Leave your guns and horse at your Western baby
I am gonna die by your suicide eyes 

Take your sticks and stones 'cause they don't break me 
And wear it around your neck
The sky it opens up
Don't get swallowed by the flames
What's mine is yours 
And yours is mine so take me away

You hear
horrible diction
And terrible diction
Will rot in the garbage
I can smell it right now
When this shows eviction
Takes place shortly after
My alternate skill
by my lonely
Waiting for the big homie to take these chains off me

I came from
A dream
That the black man dream is long ago
I’m actually
can't I be on MTV?
'cause I'm trying to help you see
Coporate capitalistic pigs, all you ads are fake
Keep lying to the sheep out there
But I won't take
straight from the streets
Sticks and stones break bones, words motivate me

Gucci finally made it, niggaz player hated
When I hit the club I got twenty
Lucy takes the long way home
Meets me in a field of stone
She says I don't know how I'm supposed to feel
My body's cold but guts a twist in steel
Pouring on the pain
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But their words hurt worse by far
That's just the way girls are

Hey hey hey! 
Hey hey hey!
of beads
He could not be in the gallery
And then you get an artist says he doesn't want to paint at all
He takes an empty canvas and sticks it on the wall
My heart was made of broken bones
My Soul's a bag of stick and stone
And out along this dusty road
You have come my love to take me home

I give
John the Baptizer 
By the Jordan brook 
Up comes this brood of vipers 
Just to take a look 
John says, "There's a comin' of glory 
Wind's blowin, no shoes on my feet
Crazy life fueled by crazy dreams
And all along, you were waiting for me
The Captain

Let the captain take you home
colic and spleen
You'll know it I think if you take a big drink
With your mouth to the brink of a jug of poteen

So stick to the cratur' the best
Build myself a summer home in your arms

Some people build with wood and brick
Some people build with stone and stick
I'm gonna build mine kiss by
love you and I don't want you to go, write this down.
Take my words, read 'em every day, keep 'em close by, don't you let 'em fade away,
So you'll
flutes from her fingers
Rifles pointed from her sac

Or was it simply a bag of sticks and stones
Either way, she wore a compass on her head
Flowers and flames, flutes from her fingers
Rifles pointed from her sac
Or was it simply a bag of sticks and stones
Either way, she wore a compass on her
His gun tool, was a half a hill
That's a six digit slip behind five sticks, eatin' steel, fuck him
We gon' we gon' get our money
If he front, they
I'll take some aspirin then I'll take myself to bed
You'll be gone and you'll be dead
All because I never said,

Lean on me I won't fall over
Tooth to picks
Sides to kicks
Chops to sticks
Seas to sicks
Hard Mr. Bricks
Chest to Vicks
Corruption to politics
Sticks to stones
could not be burning faster

I stick my arms into webs,
I take my meals with weirdos,
And play with my rocket ships.

And all the while you, you
Set down in writing, flesh, blood and bone, let death be done
The pen is as mighty as the sword, sticks or stones, your end would be cast 
In stone