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From Jackson Browne to Levon Helm, to all the things I care about
It took a while but I found out the truth
If nothing gold can ever stay you take
girl he once knew
Tessie she sure sounds like you
But Levon had you pegged it seems
Cause Tessie, you're a drunkards dream
You mend me when I spring
Horse lords the men of Rohan
Allies of Gondor the land below
Green fields they guard with honour
Eastern terror, keep away!
Finest chargers
It could have been helped, it might have been saved
With me and the helm, I could have found ways
To keep it afloat and find a new course
But I
My feet are bound by fate
With clay at the base, as I sit and wait
What visions I see

In dreams, she floats on a stream,
With Jesus
So what's the verdict do we sink or swim
Where I deserve to be, at the helm heading back out to sea

Unanchored in the storm, reminds me of old
the clouds
'Cause with our feet both on the ground
We'll never learn

('Cause I can see me on a spaceship leaving
Here when you find that we're not the only
And we'll pay it on time
Take the helm from me sailor
Take us out of here tonight

Never, never, never
Give up on it
You never know
Wherever you are
Man with 100 cells, the
Refusing what you are given
You want things to be the old way
Resisting the revolutions
Changes are coming anyway
She moves in secret ways, and there is grace and poise, perfection when she takes the helm. 
She moves in secret…
Days gone by I thought I had it
I now await the hoar of Hel to call
No man saved by a helm of fear
No man is mightier than all

Garms howl I hear as I die
Greed has overcome
Everyday I get bent yo so i can get by
I'm moanin' on and on kickin' lits from beyond, planet budtron
Bso stay on
Kottonmouth Kings got them dope tracks
Rough-shod, riding rail-road
Over all the awkward questions
Queen Victoria of Grantham
To give me her blessing
It's written all over me
I'm touched by
One by one we watched them fall,
Like trees on the country side.
Yeah you stayed right with me babe,
The river was rolling tide

Oh you stay
At the helm of a ship, on its way to a distant shore,
Bermuda or Thailand, an uncharted island,
Sandy, we’re all getting older
What will they do with us,
Thrown inside this so called melting pot
Pressed against the walls, the spoon don't hit this spot
Crushed up, blackened, burned by the walls we rot
down there it's true
But you know they're gonna make it through
They make such continuous use of the verb to resolve
They've got to deal with that
from the sea
The sirens of the rocks, they beckon me

Take my heart and set it free, carried forward by the waves
Nowhere left to run, navigator's
Stay with me a while 
Stay with me a while 
Oh, stay with me 
Stay with me a while 
Stay with me a while 
Oh, stay with me 
You are my
hundred years falls
into the center giving divine perfect light
I am bad

I sat on the throne
drinking nectar with allah
I got hot and sent an ice age
Can I be forgiven
Stay with me
Stay with me, yeah
Stay with me
Stay with me, yeah

Out in the blessed remains
Stung by a passing danger
I'm unique, I got soul out my sneak-er 
A dope female, with the fat tail 
I never liked college, so yo, fuck Yale! 
If you don't know me by now I'm
the prison of the night
Till bursting forth from rocky chains
The valley floods with light

Living one long sunrise
For to me all things are new
all by yourself
I'll be waiting for you

Love is my drug, is my medicine
Stay with me honey, stay with me honey, stay with me
Love is my drug,
me overnight. 
Give a little bit to you, won't you stay with me, stay. 
Pulling me to you, won't you stay with me overnight. 
It'll be forever if