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the DVD

And said Michael is there something that you need to say to me?
Well I don't know how to tell you.
You can tell me any
Thing that you want
All you gotta do is study shawty
Troublemakers ain't your buddies shawty
Stay focused say no to drugs
Respect your elders by showing em love yeah,
turnt out
And by the time I gave her back she was burnt out
Like the tires on the Huracan, you ain't good Antwan
Or better yet, stay great, we stay
my wrist
I'll faint a pulse
I'm not the human
You thought I was

If you pet the night
Sixth pentacle dice
If you roll the seven
St. michael
'Cause some things just don't change
It's better when they stay the same
Although the whole world knows your name
So on the, biggest days, they came
the Indies, 
Smoke it on the hill. 

Well juss pass me the el flamo, 
My afro grow like Rudy Ramo, 
Blunts to the facial turn into a human tornado,