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The Very Best of Graham Kendrick: Knowing You Jesus (Graham Kendrick) · Stay Daddy Stay (Nikka Costa) · Stay Poor.Stay Happy. (Cub Country) · Blessed (The Williams Brothers) · Be Blessed (Yolanda Adams) · Blessed (Joe Maneri) · Blessed (Fady Maalouf) · Truly Blessed (Teddy Pendergrass) · Blessed (Lucinda Williams) · I'm Blessed (Lou Rawls) – and 90 other albums »

Now everybody serenade the new faith of Kendrick Lamar
This is king Kendrick Lamar
King Kendrick and I meant it, my point intended is raw
Fix your
might be Drizzy Drake or Kendrick Lamar
But check your birth date nigga, you ain't the God
Nah you ain't the God
Nigga Cole the God
January 28th

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