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yearning, God I'm made to get high
God's left hand wasn't made to get by
Got more highs left in me
And there's more room in recovery

From evil states
"Tender feelings heal with flowers
When your woes and sorrows leave you
For the state of endless sadness or
Uncompleted mourning
featureless, enfettered states
That have me tearing the walls of danger
Down here all is dark and dazzling

Slain by bliss and grief I kissed the raindrop
Written by: lisa das

I am a modern apprentice
I believe in the life-long learning
'ain't gonna take away this natural yearning
To know the truth
Contemplating death, untimely near
It's not your death developing your fear
Deteriorating state, hope is lost
Your greed for life is beyond the cost
a state of sheer rapture I descend into its flow
To be consumed by its hellish glow

Sprayed with burning sulfur, licked by scorching flames
Yet no
Clitoral euphoric state.

Pussy's burning, yearning stirring inside.
Fluids dripping, spitting, spewing outside.
Fecal matter, splattered,
money earning 
Yearning for a fast break papes and all that 
Hard work is for jerks what kind of life do you call that? 
He takes a look around
as a Peasant offering that pleasant state of humility
the light of the world with the strength and the ability to transform norm to extraordinary
under the earth's surface
The congregation was stirrin'
Nourishin', swellin', like a serpent turning
Like a burning furnace yearning
It was churning
Clenchin' a stench of burnin' logics and a child with yearning

Now someone's approached the ropes, shaking like snow-globes
Others sought safety in