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(myles goodwyn)
Published by northern goody two tunes, ltd./capac - ascap

On assignment to the new world
They said there'd be more chance for war
hundred treasured bones
This is my warmth behind the Cold War
This is what I’m living for, forever coming home
Here’s to the room I can rest in
The door
At the day of his coronation
He sank down in deepest despair
Hundreds of Russians were dying
By rapture, the sun and its glare

After several
the safety off your gun
And get ready for the end
Well you came straight from Diego
With some medals and some stars
And you fight the war all over
Two nations divided
By a common language
And about two hundred years of new songs and dancing
But the difference is language
And just the bits
I came in this world by myself, so I don't need no friends
I'd rather have it this way, it's okay, it's okay
You muh'fuckers gon' respect me, 'cause
from it
Just forget it if you with it, that racket runnin' it
Come on come with it, I think I'll fit it
Go to war but what the hell I'm fightin' for
tomorrow, I might mess up your hearing organs
You couldn't be complex if your ghost-writer was Issac Newton
I'm shootin for the stars causing confusion
I killed the rumors that I'm running out of gas, no

My back piece, black ink by ? war chiefs
Speech pay a hose, Palomino, bow and arrow flow
loved the thrill of deadly games

For the men he'd killed in vain
A thousand dollars cash on Billy's head
Hunted by a star
For the lives he'd
of Gurvan Nuur
Storming with mane of flame and blood red
A forging of empire, the horder enthroned
Grim century of cruelty, of scourge and war
A man
yesterday, uhh

[The Game]
I was, born in the slums, struggled from day one
Ray Charles vision, blinded by the light from the sun
No navigation, no sense
Freedom of Speech

A couple hundred years ago
Between two countries on this earth
Men fought and died to protect what shes worth
Now shes not
[Featuring Star  Polite] 

[Method Man] 


One more game 

Yo  uh huh uh huh 


Surround sounder  blunt smokin
show alert the frame. Bash all flags where the mag spin park. Corroded by the volts that jolt the cold vein. Boogie down kits to slip past the guard. Def
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of Earth and all native intelligences 
of the forty planets, satellites, moons, stars, 
and any other inhabited orbs
one-hundred-thirty-seven and one third miles per a hour
And peace to the god power for never fallin' for nothin' less
Than a hundred grands and rap with rubberbands placed
fights (and plus the cold war)

This rhyme you digest through the RZA console
Ask why I slam nine diagram pole
Raekwon dropped the bomb, Hunchback,
million, four billion, four hundred million
All over the planet earth
Arise you Gods, it's the time for the revolutional war
That's the mental war
up and then "Who me?"
Locked in a trunk by Republican villains
Pinstripe suits, experts at killin
Civil war, but some want out
Trapped in a box
I've been by a weapon since the 11th
Stars and stripes vs. a star and crescent
God's blessin', be a soldier, I gotta speak out on Oprah
to all enemies, by your own fuckin penalties
Off with your dome I roam through your war zone with a platoon
full of soldiers with dust bones
Ain't nuttin
day long, on the speaker phone 
Six hundred, nine five North, stay blunted, stress I came from it 
Sex got drained from it 
The new breed star
[Spoken] Cryogenically frozen
Wrapped in a glaze of 100% pure irony
Sanctified by fashion magazines
Can't you see they're laughing at you laughing at you
fights (and plus the cold war)

This rhyme you digest through the RZA console
Ask why I slam nine diagram pole
Raekwon dropped the bomb, Hunchback,