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Or catch me on the dancefloor feeling some tits
Sex sells, so I'mma P-I-M-P
So my pockets never be empty
It ain't no problem, we scoop them models
We got
ain't never tripping
Leave your ass flatter than my new television
I'm talking about money and the power
Power and the money
This shit is magic Stan Van
by the wind. As beings of p ure energy we become one with the vastness,
transcending the ethereal walls of time, spanning at once this celestial
Fast life ain't no game, R.I.P. Baby Main
He was large in the game, slingin' thangs
Shiny rings, diamond chains, he's a star in my hood (he was
1983 As protesters get into their stride at Greenham
Ronald Reagan promises to make Star Wars a frightening reality
Back on earth the Soviets admit