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And that pick of bones
Still a stand to cast
The first stone
Still thereā€˜ll be poison pens
And that pick of old bones
Still a stand to cast
The first stone
United we stand, divided we fall
Skins and punks rally to the call
Now's the time to change this land
And it's your duty to lend a hand

2x: We
burn, why you wanna drown?
Why you wanna die by the highway?
The front lines intertwine

Smash lies, wake up, stand up and jump off to this
Said wake
visions stirring, 
Kindled by and burning flames rise in her eyes. 

The doorway stands ajar, 
The walls that once were high. 
Beyond the gilded cage,
Remember that lick we had hit (yup)
Broke in and we found the stash (okay)
20K right by the stand (20k)
Wrapped up in a brown paper bag (ah)
That wasn't
Chorus (2)2x For by grace are ye saved through faith
             And that not of yourselves
             For it is the gift of God
Again your mind has failed the test. 
Not everyone feels the same. 
Pacifist blinded by the game. 

Stand tall. They'll break your heart. 
Beneath it's reoccurring
Pull apart its jaw
And smash out its teeth

Who do I believe?
When everyone sees and speaks
Based in part by what they
Niggas wishin' I fell o-o-off
But I'm forever ill, that's by law
These commercial niggas keep jockin', killing's my only option
Ask about me boy,
are Broken to Splinters Thy Vertebrae are Severed."
Horus Hammereth Thy Head.
The Sons of Heru Smash You with Their Blows.

Thou Art Decimated by
By electrical moons 

I need a lover surely as I need a friend
Someone whose laughter I'll lean on
To tie our lives together 

Cast all your
It's my decision, I'm gonna be the man
Smash the television and take a stand
And it's my opinion you could use a hand
Smash the indecision,
eyes the truth is seen
Smash down the walls that stand between
The poison apple and the bite

They will do all that they must
To satisfy their
with no complications
'Cept thinking of Mama sometimes in dreams.

Stand by the drawbridge, waiting for barges
Waiting around for smiles from
The darlings of Lumberland

It's getting difficult for a ghoul
Wax museum dreams are so foolish
No rehearsal, no finishing school
It's getting
their past and reconstruct
Their cities lay in ruins
Littered by carcasses of those who opposed

Crush the opposition
Smash them down into
Think about you all the time
Those days flew by so fast
Sandbox memories I can't outrun my past
It passes by just like the day he cast aside
Stand in line as we march to the drums of the east
Paralyzed and possessed by crusaders deceased
Lost to the sirens that call from the turbulent
Stand in line as we march to the drums of the east
Paralyzed and possessed by crusaders deceased
Lost to the sirens that call from the turbulent
Gather round children as we come together We are the down trodden, forgotten stains in the pavement The disfigured shadows cast by the moon
The disfigured shadows cast by the moon on the hollowed cemetery grounds
It is a shame that it had to come to this
But in the course of battle
There's never time
don't know
She won't leave, she won't go
And smash all of the phones in your head
You can't stop ringing my heart
Dead on the ground by tire tracks
rising day by day, 
Your empire will crumble away Every ally and every
Force, the feeling is you're gonna fucking pay

Are you willing to stand up
I hope you're ready

I hope you're ready for the fall and what's to come
We smash ourselves, live fast and break it all for the ones
Stand by me,
for crying
When some of us are dying
None of us decide what is our fate

Now with nothing to hide going nowhere
Take my chances and stand by their sides