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I'm sizzlin
It was writen and produced by me, Krizz, and Icy Roc
It's called Save Yourself, check it out

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
You can't get my money
I'ma make you know me
Only when I say so only when I say I am
Krizz Kaliko is my name because I like fame
I study hard in class and hardly party
A branch fell but the tree won't fall
We stand tall
We gone ball
This Regime bitch!

[Outro - Big Krizz Kaliko]
Regime Mobstaz
Regime Niggaz
Regime Killers
Krizz Kaliko]
Pleeeease don't bring that Psycho shit to Meeeeee

["Psycho Bitch": II]
I love you now, don't you love me?

[Tech N9ne:]
Don't evea
He go by name of Krizz Kaliko but y’all can call him Kalibaby

Kali baby
Kali baby
Kali put your show on tonight!
{Big Krizz Kaliko}

see I tried to call for you father, but nobody answered
And I tried to scream out loud, but nobody pampered
But you leaving tomorrow
(feat. 816 Boys)

[Big Krizz Kaliko]
She told me to hit it and split it and get up off her
(Ease back) just a little softer
I'm the one that be
Mayday, mayday, mayday!
My name is Krizz Kaliko
I'm totally alone out here
Well,if there's maybe just one of you left
If anybodies out
And uncontrollable urge to say the number n9ne
And women attempting to go ass to mouth
Use only as directed, Big Krizz Kaliko now included
Prescribed by psychologists, go for psychotic shit
Prozak and kaliko, rittz (midwest chopper shit)

Baby, you up?
Yeah, let's do it
So you know you got to go when tech n9ne give you this track
So I call on krizz, rittz and prozak, let's go!

(here we go again! haha! hey tech,
ever loved anybody
Loved anything, loved anyone
Than you'll feel me.

Your baby got a hole in it
I fill it up
She get turned on by all my
so ready to get run up by incredible sex
I just wanna set up and get ate up caress your straight edible breasts
Do you hear me Loretta, sorry bout
ain't compatible, they be fallible
If you wanna challenge me with a battle we better saddle up
I work for battlers,seal it by pittlin pattilin
But you still review this
Let me in the door

Right now before my goons have to tear it town
We don't wait in line and we don't stand around
like to back it up and give it to me
She stand still and it keep movin'
Like that? Like that? What you doing?
I like girls like that (like that)
I said to Seven, "Richard Havens'll be the man"
So we put it together thinking Eminem was a gamble
Guess not, cause he be the guest spot
I said to Seven, "Richard Havens'll be the man"
So we put it together thinking Eminem was a gamble
Guess not, cause he be the guest spot