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ain't growin' like they ought to be they ain't had good rain since '53
We're skinny but we're healthy so we won't complain
We're in pretty good shape for
Neubaten tee, plaid flannel-laden adolescent art kid
Tony Hawk hair, Skinny Puppy denim
And a record player vomiting Alien Sex Fiend
turtle neck and my chain so skinny
Beer light all night, stand up get dizzy
Light cup, beer drink, thin so chain,
Neck turtle fat, man I won't say it again
niggas rich then the crew must love me
4Hunnid chain by the tummy
Skinny jeans, thing hang by the tummy
Don't underestimate me buddy
This 4 pound bark
Don't put on the smiths 
Don't put on the skinny puppy 
Don't put on the cure 
Don't put on the smiths 
Don't put on the echo belly 
Don't put