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Cruel, cruel grounds
Leak truths never found
Torturous ways
Whisper from the grave
A slow spun song of distortion

bitter, bitter mouth
Spitin' out
The world will pass them by
But there's a fire in their kitchen
And the water's three feet high and risin'

My beloved
The only one I see
life cycle
Friends hard to come by, they shady when I strut
Fools stand back, waitin' layin' in the cut
Hate but smilin', spitin' my light
Hooker she

You got that fire 

ain't to fly  But When I jus walked by ya 

Hands at your side  don't you know I ain't your average buya 

I thought
My momma always told me it was gonna be days like this [like this]

I live a lifestyle, covered up by dark clouds
Dealin' with these suckas, but