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[Hook by Blam]
This is sumtn' 4 urrbody get yo' hands up
On the grind, money on yo' mind get yo' grands up
If you on top getting hella guap stand up
my mouth and empty out, Slaying demons by the dozen gotta wheel em out, Devil's head under my tread I'm peeling out, Sorry let me get that blessings
just want to spit man I don't need this grief


I mean you got Will smith and jada Beck's and posh,
J-low and Ben aflet, 50 and vivica
Smith and Wessun
Like Megatron
Understand I'm past hip-hop
I should be put into tiny ziplocks
Distributed by those who flip rocks
Leak use after word
How the fuck you gonna move a crowd
You ain't moved out from your moms yet
I'm a vet, better yet a vet-er-an
The words Smith and Wessun
Who really bout that, you'll see when the smoke clears
'Cause we really out here! (We really out here!)
We really out here! (We really out here!)